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Preparation of Chelyabinsk for SCO and BRICS Summits Discussed at Russian Investment Forum

15 February 2019
На полях Российского инвестиционного форума состоялось обсуждение подготовки Челябинска к саммитам ШОС и БРИКС

Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov and Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky met at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi and discussed multifaceted issues related to preparing the city for the main events under Russia’s chairmanship of the 2020 SCO and BRICS summits.

«Work is right on schedule for all key areas of preparation for the summits. The project is ambitious, so oversight of each stage of project preparation is crucially important to us. That is why working meetings at the country’s leading discussion platforms such as, for example, the Russian Investment Forum, acquire additional significance and contribute to operational oversight», Kobyakov said.

Special attention was also paid during the meeting to the construction of the main convention and exhibition facilities and federal support provided to the region.

«March will mark a year since the Russian President’s singing of the decree for holding the SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk. Much has been accomplished in this time; comprehensive work in all major areas is being carried out in accordance with the approved road maps. It should be noted that problems that had existed in Chelyabinsk for decades are now being resolved systematically. The landfill within city limits has been closed, and we are expecting a decision on the choice of the exclusive contractor in order to begin work on its reclamation in the very near future. We also expect Chelyabinsk to be approved as a pilot platform for implementing the law on emission quotas, and we are preparing to switch public transport to an environmentally friendly type of fuel: liquefied natural gas. Thanks to federal support, it has been possible to speed up the construction of a dormitory for the largest regional university, rebuild the circus and a new modern airport, modernize public transport, and rebuild the road network», Dubrovsky said.

As part of the investment forum taking place in Sochi, close attention is being paid to the economy of urban space and the implementation of the Smart City project. «The approval of Chelyabinsk as summit venue made it possible for us to take a fresh look at creating a high-quality comfortable urban environment, and a concept for improvement, which underwent widespread public discussion, was developed together with the Union of Architects of Russia, and the final project will take into account residents’ opinions», the governor of the Chelyabinsk Region said.