Invest in Russia — invest in Russian regions!

About the Project

Investment platform of Russian regions is a joint project of the Roscongress Foundation and the RC-Investments Fund, launched in 2020.

The main goal of Investinregions is to create a unique digital environment that brings together investors and project initiators across Russia and offers up-to-date information on Russian regions, business conditions, government support measures and other aspects of doing business, thus helping to improve the investment climate throughout the country. The Portal has been conceived, designed and created by the dedicated teams at Roscongress Foundation and RC-Investments Fund together with professional consultants and experts.

Russian regions have significant investment potential: the recent years have seen a steady growth in Gross Regional Product indicators and production capacities. Still, continued efforts are needed to raise the level of awareness of the business community about individual Russian region’s investment opportunities and projects offered.

The Portal provides a platform where investors, representatives of regions and market participants can meet and communicate, and where regions can hold their road shows both online and offline. As it develops, investinregions. ru will grow into an ecosystem for promotion of regional investments with a wide range of different services.

The portal features the following functions making it an effective tool for promoting business activities:

  • An extensive and regularly updated base of regional projects with financial metrics and project documentation;
  • Projects and exporters from the regions are visualized on an interactive map;
  • Initial expert assessment of the incoming projects ensures that only projects that meet investor requirements are accepted for publication;
  • A rating system: projects that have passed full-scale assessment are published in the open database on the website and assigned ratings based on their assessment results;
  • User-friendly interface: investors can search for and select projects based on multiple parameters, including ratings;
  • Project initiators can apply for publication of their project on the Portal through the regional development institution thus getting access to potential investors;
  • Project implementation infrastructure development: Portal offers an opportunity to select and communicate with contractors and other market participants;
  • Fundamental analytical support: up-to-date news and analytical materials, as platforms is integrated with the Expert and Analytical Service of the Roscongress Foundation;
  • Governors’ Lounge and various promotional services are available at the major events, organized by Roscongress;
  • The Foundation and the Portal offers a single personal space to their registered users;
  • Up-to-date regional statistics and contacts of development institutions.