2021 year
2021 year

The Kaliningrad Region is located on the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea and is the westernmost region of the Russian Federation. It borders the Republic of Lithuania to the north and east, the Republic of Poland to the south, and the Baltic Sea coast to the west.

The history of the Kaliningrad Region is peculiar and unique. The region was formed as a result of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

The Kaliningrad Region belongs to the regions of the Russian Federation with developed industrial production. The socio-economic situation of the region in 2019 was characterized by an increase in agricultural production, moderate growth in industrial production, housing construction and retail trade.

The region has a well-developed transport infrastructure: the region has a track gauge that meets 2 standards — European and Russian. The Kaliningrad region has a well-developed network of public roads, the length of which is 9058.9 km. Khrabrovo International Airport is used for regular passenger and cargo services. The port of Kaliningrad is the only ice-free Russian port on the Baltic Sea.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

— manufacturing industries;
— trade and services;
— transportation and storage;
— construction.

Factors of investment attractiveness of the region:

— the territory of the region lies at the crossroads of the main European trade routes, in close proximity to European capitals (Berlin — 550 km, Copenhagen — 520 km, Stockholm — 540 km, Vienna — 780 km, Moscow — 1080 km).
— the labor market of the Kaliningrad region is represented by specialists in the automotive industry, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, fishing, agriculture, services and other specializations.
— there is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) regime, which applies to the entire territory of the region.
— residents of the Special Economic Zone b have tax preferences for income tax and property tax, as well as organizations-residents of the SEZ are exempt from paying land tax in respect of land plots located on the territory of the special economic zone for a period of five years from the month of the emergence of ownership of the land plot used in the implementation of the investment project.

Head of the Region
Alexey Sergeyevich Besprozvannykh
Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast
Official website of the Region