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Entrepreneurs of the Samara region were told about the moratorium on inspections

3 June 2022

On Wednesday, June 1, in the regional center «My Business 63» a round table of business and government «Moratorium on inspections. How to protect your rights? It was attended by representatives of the regional government, the prosecutor's office of the Samara region, the commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the region, as well as experts from the regional departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rospotrebnadzor, and the Labor Inspectorate.

The discussion became one of the events of the «My Business 63» forum and was dedicated to introducing entrepreneurs to the latest changes in federal legislation. Participants were told how to protect their rights in the event of a visit by representatives of regulatory authorities.

Recall that until the end of 2022 in Russia there is a moratorium on inspections of entrepreneurial activity. Control and Supervisory Bodies (CCS) can come only for preventive purposes, not having the right to apply any punitive measures - only to issue warnings.

The Regional Ministry of Economic Development, through regular inquiries to the KNO, keeps a record of the number of complaints against the actions of organizations and their officials. Currently, no complaints have been recorded in the Samara region.

Reducing administrative barriers for business is one of the key tasks in the work of the government of the Samara region and personally the governor Dmitry Azarov. The region is constantly working to create a favorable business and investment climate. Among other constituent entities of the country, the Samara Region ranks 8th in the National Rating of the State of the Investment Climate. The position of the region in the annual «Administrative Pressure Index» is also improving.

An effective tool for supporting business in the region is the Investment Promotion Agency of the Samara Region. The Agency works with the initiators of investment projects on the principle of «one stop shop», providing all the necessary information about possible support measures, assisting in resolving all issues that arise in the process of project implementation.

«The level of administrative pressure is one of the key factors influencing the formation of the business climate in the region. In a changing market, business is experiencing certain difficulties associated with finding new partners, suppliers, and restoring supply chains. And today, together with our federal colleagues, we must lend our shoulder to business in the form of new support measures, minimizing existing barriers, - said Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region. Cancellation of scheduled inspections is one of the main decisions that allows the business community to concentrate on their core business, and for regulatory and supervisory authorities to step up their efforts to prevent violations».

Today, scheduled inspections are retained only in relation to a small closed list of facilities, within the framework of sanitary and epidemiological, veterinary and fire control, as well as supervision in the field of industrial safety.

Carrying out unscheduled control measures is allowed only in exceptional cases in case of a threat to life and causing serious harm to the health of citizens, a threat to the defense of the country and the security of the state, as well as in case of a threat of natural and man-made emergencies. At the same time, such checks must be coordinated with the prosecutor's office. Unscheduled inspections can also be carried out on behalf of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.

«We closely cooperate and work with all regulatory authorities of the Samara region, and our main goal is to provide the business community with up-to-date information so that every entrepreneur is not afraid of the visits that are planned for them», - emphasized the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the Samara Region Edward Kharchenko.