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Roscongress Foundation Presents Social and Charitable Foundation Hotlines at #WEARETOGETHER Forum

4 December 2021
Фонд Росконгресс презентовал проект горячих линий для социальных и благотворительных фондов на Форуме #МЫВМЕСТЕ

The Roscongress Foundation presented a project for new hotlines for social and charitable foundations at the #WEARETOGETHER International Civic Forum. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Foundation served as a general partner of the All-Russia People’s Front in organizing and coordinating the work of a unified round-the-clock call centre for inquiries from elderly and disabled citizens, medical workers, families with children, and other people in need of support. Hotlines for spiritual, psychological, and children’s assistance in addition to a call centre for tourism cashback were also set up as part of the #WEARETOGETHER campaign.

Several new hotlines for social and charitable projects continue to work now. The Roscongress Foundation’s partners include the Right Direction Charitable Medical Aid Search Service and the Circle of Kindness Foundation to Support Children with Severe and Rare Diseases.

«The ‘We Are Together’ hotline has been one of the most far-reaching acts of kindness in Russia since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was only possible to implement such a complex and important project thanks to combined efforts, the proper coordination of business processes, and the synergy of partner resources and technologies. We are proud to share this experience so that organizers of other socially significant projects can use it to implement new social initiatives,» Head of the Marketing, Information, and PR Division of the Roscongress Foundations Delegate Management Directorate Maria Sakovich said.

The Roscongress Foundation devotes special attention to the employment of people with limited mobility and people with disabilities and provides an opportunity to work remotely from any city. «We recruit talented people from all over the country, train them, install the necessary software, and link them up to full-fledged work at our biggest forums and events. We see a high level of activity and are happy to support them since we realize how important such support is,» Deputy CEO and Head of the Roscongress Foundations Delegate Management Directorate Maria Kiseleva said.

Right Direction General Director Anton Yaremchuk noted the importance of organizing the Forum and presenting such projects: «The guests of the #WEARETOGETHER Forum are familiar with the social theme. Volunteers know many people who need help by the nature of their work. If a family has a child who needs medical assistance or assistance with payment for travel to get treatment or accommodation, volunteers can direct the family to our service’s hotline and see to it that they contact the Right Direction Medical Search Service. We are grateful to the Roscongress Foundation for their help and for setting up the hotline.»

The Roscongress Foundation’s call centre has been working with participants in congress and exhibition events for over ten years. In March this year, it was awarded the ‘High Jury Approval’ prize in two Crystal Headset categories — ‘Most Effective Peak Load Management’ and ‘Best Anti-Crisis Technology Application and Partnership’.

The #WEARETOGETHER International Civic Forum is taking place in Moscow on 25 December. The organizers are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the DOBRO.RF platform. This year, the Forum is being held in the run-up to Volunteer Day and under the auspices of UNESCO.