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Roscongress Foundation Took Part in Russia’s Main Volunteering Forum #WeAreTogether

9 December 2022
Фонд Росконгресс принял активное участие в главном добровольческом форуме страны #МЫВМЕСТЕ

The International Forum of Civic Participation #WeAreTogether concluded in Moscow, where the Roscongress Foundation presented social, youth, educational, and technological initiatives at its stand. As conceived by the organizers, the #WeAreTogether Forum is a platform for creating synergy among non-profits, business, government, and media.

The Roscongress Foundation, as a socially oriented non-financial development institution, promotes social entrepreneurship and charitable projects in its work and helps build a community of people who care. It supports the #WeAreTogether movement and is ready to act to improve the quality of life in Russia.

Building of trust is not just the mission of the Roscongress Foundation. It is an unconditional value, which the Foundation confidently embodies in all its initiatives and projects. The stand space was devoted both to the Foundation’s own projects created to solve socially oriented tasks (the School Friend social project, the RC Skills inclusivity project, the educational platform KLYUCH. PRO, and the MARMA augmented reality project), and other projects supported by the Roscongress Foundation, including the Country Potential testing platform, the nationwide hotline #InThisTogether, the Right Direction charity medical aid search service, the Paper Bird children and adult hospice charity fund, projects in healthcare, education, support for families in difficult situations, employment for orphanage graduates and young people with disabilities, and many other.

«The activity of the younger generation is also reflected in such a big event as the #WeAreTogether Forum. We constantly see this activity within the Foundation’s youth event tracks and channel it into action. We are happy to be among the leaders of social change. As practitioners who have been creating projects at the intersection of different spheres — economic, political, social, charitable, media, technological and others — we have long come to the conclusion about the need for an integrated approach to the organization of good deeds. In recent years, we have launched and developed a whole ecosystem of projects to effectively employ young people, adapt and socialize teenagers, create an inclusive environment, train professional leaders of young teams, promote socially oriented projects, and support a whole range of good initiatives. We are constantly looking for applied mechanisms to develop effective solutions in these areas. Our trust space is a place for real action and practical results,» said Alexander Stuglev, Chairman and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation.

The Roscongress Foundation is a partner of the #WeAreTogether International Award. Its ceremony concluded the Forum. Alexander Stuglev presented diplomas to the winners in the Responsible Business category within the thematic tracks Business and Non-profits. The diplomas were provided by the Roscongress Foundation and will enable their holders to take part in the SPIEF Youth Day 2023 free of charge.

The prize is awarded to citizens and organizations for their great contribution to solving important humanitarian problems. This year, for the first time, augmented reality was integrated into the diplomas for the winners: a QR code was added to each diploma with a memorable video fragment of the immediate moment of awarding to each individual winner. This was made possible by the future MARMA technology of the Roscongress Foundation: now everyone who received an AR diploma will be able to relive this important and enjoyable moment in the life of a person seeking to make a meaningful contribution to the society.

Alexander Stuglev also took part in the ‘New Year in Every Home’ campaign organized by the Headquarters for Mutual Help #WeAreTogether and he donated New Year presents to the ‘basket of kindness’. The same baskets of kindness are placed in retail chains and at fairs so that anyone can buy something festive, useful, or tasty and give it to people in need with the help of project volunteers.

In addition, for the second year, the Roscongress Foundation takes part in the Wishing Tree project, where anyone can become a magician or Grandfather Frost and fulfil a child’s cherished wish. Special Christmas trees with wishing balloons can be found in shopping centres, regional administrations, or online.

Within the business programme of the #WeAreTogether Forum, the MARMA augmented reality project manager Tatiana Gribanova spoke at the master class ‘Creativity in social charity projects: working tools’, where she spoke about the successful case of MARMA future technology integration in the all-Russian project ‘Chemistry happened, but we parted’. Introducing an interactive format into the photo exhibition, where the heroines of the portraits told the story of their illness in AR format, made it possible to increase audience interest and raise public awareness of the issue.

Ilya Gulidin, head of the School Friend social project, participated as an expert in the foresight session ‘Mentoring as a tool for socialization of adolescents with behavioural issues’, where he shared his experience in organizing and conducting classes on the main programmes of the comprehensive school course, in order to establish communication, master the school courses and successfully prepare for the final examinations.

In addition to project presentations, the Roscongress Foundation’s stand was memorable for the Forum participants with daily useful workshops, good quizzes and relevant discussions on mentoring for young people, equal opportunities for people with disabilities, developing the idea of learning as a lifestyle, training strong leaders for social projects, career guidance and career building and cutting-edge technology.

As part of the ‘Paper Bird’ support campaign for children’s and adult hospice patients, more than 300 video wishes for the New Year were recorded, which will be attached to cards in AR and sent to the recipients at the hospice. And a 3D heart blooming in augmented reality became the symbol of the stand and the embodiment of the idea that the desire to do good in synergy with new approaches and modern technology can be a real push to solve pressing problems, to create magic literally out of nothing.

Organizers of the International Forum of Civil Participation #WeAreTogether: the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) as part of the track called ‘Rosmolodezh.Dobro’ and the Association of Volunteer Centres. General Partner: Rosatom State Corporation. Partners of the event: Nornickel, Russian Railways, All-Russian People’s Front. Media Partners of the Forum: TASS News Agency, Rossiya Segodnya International Media Group, MAER Media Holding, and RRCC Business Club.