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EEF Junior to Address Impact of New Cultural Spaces on Regional Development

1 September 2021
На «ВЭФ.Юниор» обсудят влияние новых культурных пространств  на развитие регионов

The EEF Junior section at the Eastern Economic Forum will feature a panel discussion dedicated to the implementation of major cultural and socially significant projects that contribute to the development and dissemination of Russian culture in different regions of the country. The discussion will be organized with the support of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Prominent figures will discuss how the opening of new cultural and sports facilities can have a positive impact on a city’s architectural appearance, what new tools young people need for development in their native region, and how to reduce the outflow of young people.

“The cultural and educational facilities whose construction the National Cultural Heritage Foundation is initiating should become centres of cultural and intellectual life in the regions in which they are created. Historical practice shows that the cultural environment actively develops where there is a synergistic effect of communication between many talented representatives in one or several areas of art,” National Cultural Heritage Foundation President Natalya Volynskaya said in comments on the discussion theme.

The discussion participants will pay special attention to the specifics of regional cultural policy and the impact that major national socially significant facilities have on the demography and development prospects of a region since they create centres of growth.

The discussion will be attended by Mariinsky Theatre General Director Valery Gergiev, State Hermitage General Director Mikhail Piotrovsky, State Tretyakov Gallery General Director Zelfira Tregulova, Minister of Culture of the Primorsky Territory Yelena Bronnikova, National Cultural Heritage Foundation President Natalya Volynskaya, Primorsky State Art Gallery Director Alena Datsenko, and Museum of Far East History Director Viktor Shalay.

EEF Junior is being organized by the Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activities, which will hold an event at the EEF 2021 as part of the Point Junior discussion and communication platform.