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Centres for reintroduction and conservation of birds of falcon and bustard families to appear in Russia

23 March 2021
В России появятся центры реинтродукции и сохранения птиц семейств соколиных и дрофиных

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to develop, approve and implement an action plan for creation of centres for reintroduction and conservation of birds of the falcon family in Kamchatka Region and the bustard family in the Republic of Kalmykia as pilot ones.

Creation of such centres is the result of consistent joint efforts by development institutions and experts supported by the government, that will help with reproduction and conservation of rare predatory bird breeds, as well as another step towards development of a comprehensive approach to maintaining an ornithological balance in Russian regions, conserving nature, and strengthening the tourism appeal of the regions.

Over recent years, the issue of reintroduction (restoration) of bird populations has been widely discussed at the Eastern Economic Forum that is annually held in Vladivostok by the Roscongress Foundation. It was there where a number of important projects were kick started, including creation of a specialized Ornithological Protection Service in Russia.

As soon as in 2022, the first and only international falcon centre is to open in Kamchatka. It will include a breeding station, aviaries for young birds and an ornithological centre, and will become a pilot project – a part of the programme for restoration of rare bird populations in Russian regions. It will be based on international experience of restoration of rare bird populations. Today locations of the project are included into the Kamchatka ASEZ. Around 150 million roubles were invested in the construction. According to the plan, the Kamchatka centre will create at least 55 jobs, attract no less than 1.250 billion roubles of private investment. The total income to the consolidated budget from taxes and charges and to extra-budgetary funds will reach around 2.03 billion roubles from 2020 to 2033.

“Preferential regimes that are in place in the Far East are used not only for creation of large industrial companies, but also for implementation of unique niche projects, including those with a focus on ecology. I am sure that the international falcon centre in Kamchatka will both solve the problem of reproduction of rare bird populations and help attract additional attention to the region, and will become a bridge between the Far and the Middle East,” noted Alexey Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic.

The work will be focused on restoration of red-book white-morph (Kamchatka) gyrfalcon – the most valued representative of Falconiformes. Local government expects that the falcon centre will become a point of tourist attraction along with the Three Volcanoes project. In Kalmykia, a rare breed of red-book birds – MacQueen's bustard – will be reproduced.

The stages of the falcon centre project implementation will be presented at the 6th Eastern Economic Forum that will be held on 2–4 September 2021 on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University.