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Russia to Host High Diving World Cup Competitions

19 October 2020
Россия примет серию этапов Кубка мира по хайдавингу

RC-Sport, the sporting platform of the Roscongress Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with 3 Russian sports associations, namely diving, artistic swimming, and water polo federations. The agreements include cooperation in hosting several stages of the high diving world cup in Russia. The discipline of high diving consists of 27-meter dives among men and 20-meter dives among women.

«The Roscongress Foundation implements interesting and timely communication formats for sports and business. It promotes sporting projects at the largest economic forums and designs Sporting Investment Bureau. The pandemic had yet again proven that the big sports need to work with their audience, get immersed in the social networks, develop high-quality event broadcasting — all of the above to compete with the entertainment industry. I am confident that the high diving cup will be exactly that type of product. Tokyo will host it in 2020 and it is possible the discipline will be included in the official Olympic programme in Paris in 2024. High diving tournaments already attract tens of thousands of spectators.

Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yalta, Kaliningrad, and possibly Ufa all will host world cup competitions next year. We are interested in coinciding the tournament with the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. I want to emphasize that the Russian artistic swimming team in second to none. During the quarantine, the two-time Olympic champion Alla Shishkina and other girls have all worked on developing their personal presence online. Water polo federation supervisory board is being reinforced, there’s much work ahead in bringing back the appeal of this great sport. In fulfilling these plans the Roscongress Foundation support is of utmost importance to us,» said Aleksey Vlasenko, head of diving, artistic swimming, and water polo federations.

Aleksey Vlasenko took part in the ‘Sport Against COVID-19: Heart of Eurasia’s Perspective’ that RC-Sport hosted in Ufa at the behest of Radiy Khabirov, head of Bashkortostan. During the self-isolation period in May, artistic swimming team led by Alla Shishkina beat the all-star figure skating team in the online Home League burpee tournament. The event was organized by RC-Sport and Telesport Media, and has been viewed over 700,000 in Odnokalssniki and VKontakte.