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Decarbonization in Energy. Siemens Energy to Present Key Energy Market Trends and Its Newest Solutions at REW

23 November 2020
Декарбонизация в энергетике. В рамках РЭН компания «Сименс Энергетика» представит тенденции энергетического рынка и свои новейшие разработки

On 10–11 December 2020, Siemens Energy will present its newest decarbonization solutions at the Russian Energy Week.

Together with Siemens Energy, the Roscongress Foundation will host a business session entitled ‘Decarbonization as Major Trend and Prerequisite for Sustainability’. This business event will also offer an exhibition called ‘We fill our lives with energy. Let us change the future now!’, available in a hybrid online and offline format. The exhibition is organized by the Roscongress Foundation and Siemens Energy.

Participants of the event will address the most important questions facing the energy community today. What will be the energy system of the future? How to prepare for the future changes in the energy landscape? Why does decarbonization become so important? What is its role in the formation of the new energy system? What should be done today to remain competitive in the future?

The innovative format, which has never been seen before in the industry, will include fully immersive digital visualizations, allowing our experts to provide answers to these questions and more, explaining what underpins the trend for decarbonization and why it is so important with the help of the latest analytical data and graphical representations.

Live stream will be available at the official website of the Russian Energy Week at

A large-scale virtual 5D cinema in 360 degrees will offer participants of the Siemens Energy exhibition a feeling of total immersion, where they will learn about the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions across the energy market though case studies of some of the world’s most outstanding projects.

The exhibition will be available in Pavilion 55 of VDNH. Participants must register at

Siemens Energy stand will be available online during the event at