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Russia launched call centre for self-isolating residents over 60

18 March 2020
В России начал работу колл-центр для оказания помощи пожилым людям старше 60 лет, находящимся в режиме самоизоляции

Russia launched a hotline to provide support and coordinate efforts to help people over 60. This age group is at higher risk due to the spread of the COVID-2019 coronavirus.

This project is brought to life by the All-Russia People’s Front with support from the Roscongress Foundation, Association of Volunteer Centres, Medical Volunteers (a public movement of international cooperation), Volunteers of the Constitution movement, and Rostelecom.

The hotline will offer counseling services about the spread of the virus and preventive measures available in the country at the day of the inquiry. Elderly people and people with disabilities will be able to use the hotline to submit a request for assistance with purchasing and delivering groceries, medications, and other essentials.

Volunteers will be coordinated by two organizations — Medical Volunteers (a public movement of international cooperation) and the Association of Volunteer Centres. Besides, call centre employees will teach the elders to order food and medications online.

As part of their efforts to fight coronavirus, the All-Russia People’s Front has opened offices in 28 Russian regions. They aim to help elderly people that are forced to stay home during the spread of the virus. The rest of the regions will get their APF offices within the next days.

The call centre is available 24/7.

To reach the hotline, please call: 7 (800) 200 3411.

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