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Roscongress to Take Part in Creation of Network of ASI Regional Representatives

5 November 2019
Росконгресс примет участие в формировании сети региональных представителей АСИ

The Roscongress Foundation will take part in expanding the Agency for Strategic Initiatives’ (ASI) regional network of public representatives. Candidates will be selected in 85 regions of the country by open ballot.

«As a non-financial development institute and a long-time partner of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Roscongress is looking to create motivated teams seeking to change life at the local level for the better and recommends that its employees and the employees of partner companies apply to participate in the project,» Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev said.

«The Innosocium Foundation — the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, works together with ASI on a number of projects. The International Knowledge Sharing Week programme for youth, women, and entrepreneurs, organized jointly with UNIDO, recently took place. Our joint Working Group for developing the creative industries and supporting artistic legacy projects kicked off at the Tretyakov Gallery. As part of the ASI Supervisory Board meeting, we presented a joint project aimed at creating a single platform to simplify business processes for young entrepreneurs to Russian President Vladimir Putin. I am sure that by working together we will achieve great results, including the creation of effective platforms for promoting projects of social significance», Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation Elena Marinina said.

The ASI representative network will work in all regions of Russia in four fields: «Entrepreneurship and Technology», «Education and Personnel», «Social Projects», and «Urban Development». Candidates who qualify will have the opportunity to officially represent the ASI, and create its partner, expert, and representative networks in their region and put the wide capabilities of the Agency’s ecosystem to work while interacting with the media.

The open ballot for public representatives will take place in three stages. The first, application submission, will last until 10 November. Applications may be submitted online through the Leader-ID portal. In addition to contact information, applicants must submit an essay on the topic of their personal and professional growth strategies and a video presentation.

The second stage aims to evaluate networking capabilities and participants’ ability to work with communities. From 14 to 24 November, candidates passing the first stage will present their strategies at an ASI site. Project participants are encouraged to make the greatest possible use of digital media, which will be taken into account in the future.

Furthermore, from 14 November to 20 December, online voting for participants will be held in the Leader-ID system. Every is invited to support the candidates. «Voting Leader» status will be taken into account during the Open Selection, which will be held from 5 to 10 December in the form of a business game, where the finalists will be given the chance to work with real ASI cases.

The jury will determine the winners of the open selection before the year ends and confer upon them the status of «candidate for public representative», after which the candidates will be invited to a series of individual live interviews. Following the trial period, they will be appointed to the position of «Public Representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives».

The Roscongress Foundation and ASI have a long-standing partnership. In particular, the Innosocium Foundation — the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) are currently implementing a joint programme for youth, women, and entrepreneurs.

The Agency presented its ecosystem in September 2019. The project currently brings together approximately 2,400 organizations, including development institutions, foundations, private companies, state corporations, public associations, and government agencies, all of which are ready to provide administrative, consulting, and informational support to ASI projects and initiatives.