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The practice exchange framework of the national project realization was held in Moscow

17 October 2019
Обмен практиками в рамках реализации нацпроекта состоялся в Москве

A meeting of the expert council of heads of representative offices of the Russian regions was held in Moscow. The meeting participants discussed the most effective practices aimed at increasing labour productivity. The event was organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

«Roscongress is building a system of communication platforms, and we will be sure to take into consideration all the comments and proposals put forward by the expert council of the regions when preparing the programmes for the Foundation’s upcoming events. Similar working group meetings will be held regularly in our organization to discuss key issues,» said the CEO of Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev to the representatives of the regions.

Petr Zaselsky, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation spoke about the ongoing implementation of the national project ‘Labour productivity and employment support’:

«Tax deduction, lending to small and medium-sized businesses, rating companies, and training programmes are tools by which labour efficiency in the regions is enhanced. The All-Russian Annual Forum Productivity 360 in Nizhny Novgorod, the International Productivity Forum and the platform Productivity.rf are all aimed at providing companies with up-to-date information and facilitating the exchange of experiences. In this regard, the meeting of the council of heads of representative offices of the regions is an important initiative aimed at creating strong horizontal ties and establishing an expert community that can address key challenges.»

The principles of the work of the Federal Competence Centre with regional companies were described by the head of the project management office Alexey Baishev. He paid special attention to the support provided by the FCC to participating companies of the national project and the creation of an efficiency plan.

The meeting participants discussed effective practices that can be replicated in the Russian regions. These include the application of an investment tax deduction and the expertise of a leading producer in the Udmurt Republic. Labour efficiency in the Tula region was enhanced through the creation of a pool of leading companies and cross-training programmes. Egor Sychev, CEO of the company, spoke about the creation of a reference company together with the FCC based on the example of the Siberian Plant of Metallic Structures in Kemerovo.

The expert council of heads of representative
offices of the Russian regions was created on the initiative of the Roscongress
Foundation. The group’s meetings are devoted to the core issues on the federal
and regional agendas, discussions about real success stories, and the replication
of successful practices when implementing national projects.