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Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit concludes in Yekaterinburg

11 July 2019
Глобальный саммит по производству и индустриализации  в Екатеринбурге завершил свою работу

The second Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit in Yekaterinburg concluded on 11 July. UNIDO Deputy to the Director General Hiroshi Kuniyoshi and GMIS 2019 Organizing Committee Chairman Badr al-Olama spoke at the closing session.

In his closing address, Kuniyoshi said: «I would like to say a few words of gratitude to the Government of the Russian Federation, which supported this summit and demonstrated a commitment to its goals. I would like to thank the Roscongress Foundation for organizing the event, providing logistics services, and supporting this successful event».

Summarizing the event, Kuniyoshi said it would be difficult to overstate the importance of the summit since it laid the foundation for a new level of social mobility to use the latest technologies.

Al-Olama congratulated the participants on holding such a successful summit and also noted the efforts of the Organizing Committee and the people who prepared for and conducted this event. The summit’s business programme covered a wide range of issues and these discussions should serve as a kind of roadmap for further cooperation to achieve sustainable development goals around the world, he said.

Speaking about the lessons that can be taken away from the event, al-Olama noted the speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session. «This speech gives me every reason to say that we are now launching a new initiative within the GMIS, and we urge experts and developers to conduct a study on nature-inspired technologies that would make future production less resource-intensive and more eco-friendly. We plan to work with the Skolkovo Foundation and other organizations in Russia so that start-up companies can emerge that are able to integrate these technologies into actual production. This is one of our new initiatives», al-Olama said.