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Detailed Programme Releases for Russian PPP Week

28 March 2019
Подробная программа Российской недели ГЧП опубликована на сайте

The 6th Russian PPP Week Infrastructure Congress will be held in Moscow on 2326 April 2019. The event is being organized by the PPP Development Center and the Roscongress Foundation with the participation of key federal ministries and the support of the Analytical Centre of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Business Russia, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Sberbank is the general partner.

«The challenge of developing infrastructure has taken centre stage in Russia’s economic policy. We are consolidating efforts to develop a partnership between private organizations and the public sector. Today, more mechanisms need to be created to get business interested in long-term projects. I am certain that the topical and extensive agenda of the Congress will serve as a productive platform for such a dialogue», Adviser to the Russian President Anton Kobyakov said.

This year, the main theme of the congress will be infrastructure development within the framework of national projects and the core plan for the period until 2024, which call for building roads and railways, developing airports and seaports, creating high-tech medical centre, providing greater access to social facilities, and improving the urban environment and ecological situation. Total funding for the national projects amounts to RUB 25.7 trillion, of which RUB 7.5 billion must be raised from extra-budgetary sources.

Participants in Russian PPP Week will discuss the implementation of projects within the comprehensive plan for the development of backbone infrastructure, attracting private investors to meet these goals, and the role of international development institutions in these processes, and they will try to figure out how to achieve a balance of interests between business and the government and neutralize risks.

Per tradition, the Congress will feature a presentation of the ‘PPP Development Rating for the Regions’, which has become one of the most important mechanisms for assessing the effectiveness of the regional authorities in attracting extra-budgetary funds. There will also be legal debates at the Congress on forthcoming changes in legislation, in particular amendments to federal laws 115 and 224 and a draft law on the promotion of investment. Issues concerning the typological classification of PPP projects will also be addressed. A separate session will be devoted to the use of PPP mechanisms for the development of IT infrastructure as part of the implementation of the Digital Economy national programme.

The impact of large-scale projects on the socioeconomic development of the regions will be discussed in an open debate on the economics of transport infrastructure. Leading PPP consultants will share their experience in infrastructure projects in the format of expert debates. During a strategic session on raising investment for waste management, participants will have a chance to discuss the «rubbish reform» launched this year, which has already raised hundreds of questions and complaints.

Other sessions will be devoted to public and private funds and other potential tools that can be used to support infrastructure projects as well as the transformation of major building contractors into infrastructure investors. The programme for Russian PPP Week will also bring together experts in education, healthcare, and sports, who will discuss key practices of PPP mechanisms in these sectors.

A G20 working seminar on infrastructure development will be held with business representatives for the first time as part of the Congress with the support of the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia.

Russian PPP Week is the largest event in Russia and the CIS that is devoted to raising investment for the development of infrastructure and the implementation of PPP projects. Each year, the week brings together more than 1,500 participants from various industries and delegations from 70 regions of Russia. About 150 journalists from the national and regional media cover the congress events.

The detailed programme of the Congress and
registration are available at the website