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Officials Meet in Moscow to Discuss Preparations for 2020 SCO and BRICS Summits

25 March 2019
В Москве обсудили ход подготовки к проведению саммитов ШОС и БРИКС в 2020 году

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation — Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the SCO and BRICS Summits Anton Kobyakov held a meeting in Moscow with acting Chelyabinsk Region Governor Alexei Teksler during which they discussed preparations for the SCO and BRICS Summits in 2020, the main events that are to be held during Russia’s presidency of the organizations.

Preparations for the summits in Chelyabinsk began a year ago immediately after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the relevant decree. Alexei Teksler took over as the acting Governor of the region on 19 March 2019.

«I am certain that the Chelyabinsk Region will be able to prepare for the SCO and BRICS Summits to the best of its ability under the leadership of Alexei Teksler. Today we discussed progress in the city’s preparations for the main activities, including: the construction of the planned facilities, the development of transport infrastructure, and the modernization of the central part of Chelyabinsk. All the work is proceeding on schedule», Kobyakov said.

Teksler had previously asked residents of Chelyabinsk and the region to identify key problems in the region. Most of the complaints concerned the current state of Chelyabinsk downtown. The acting Governor noted that work is planned to modernize the centre, including as part of preparations for the summits.

«I am grateful to the President for trusting me to head the region during such an important period. I am aware of all the responsibility that has been entrusted to us, and I am confident that the events will be a success. There are problems in the region, and we will solve them. Thanks to the Federal Government’s support, we will be able to implement our projects as soon as possible», Teksler said.

The Chelyabinsk Region authorities previously announced that, in accordance with roadmaps that have been drawn up, preparations for the summits include work to build a new modern airport, modernize public transport, update the road network, and build the Taganai Convention and Exhibition Centre, three cottage estates as well as a dormitory at the region’s largest university. A total of 19 facilities are scheduled to be built for the summits. A dump in Chelyabinsk has already been shut down, and reclamation work will be started soon.