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Governor of Chelyabinsk Region to Visit BRICS Summit in South Africa

24 July 2018
Губернатор Челябинской области посетит саммит БРИКС в ЮАР

Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky will visit Johannesburg, South Africa, on 25–27 July for the 10th BRICS summit within the official delegation of the Russian Federation headed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

«The President’s Executive Order on hosting the SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk in 2020 gives a strong boost to the city’s development. We are working on key facilities for the summit, developing engineering infrastructure and improving public spaces. The work scope is truly impressive. Preparation for the summit requires maximum effort on the part of the administration and business, project bureaus and construction companies in particular. This is a test of professional competence for all of us. That is why other cities’ experience is of a special interest to us,» noted Boris Dubrovsky.

About 50 billion roubles will be invested in the preparation for the SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk; about half of it comes from private investors.

The key items of the agenda of the Johannesburg summit are the establishment of a working group on peacekeeping, a vaccine research centre, a BRICS gender and women’s forum and economic partnership towards the progress of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The leaders of Argentina, Indonesia, Egypt, Jamaica and Turkey will also participate in the summit in South Africa along with the leaders of the BRICS member states. Presidents of Angola, Gabon and Zambia also received the invitations to participate in the summit. The BRICS summits are open to increasing engagement and cooperation with non-BRICS countries and relevant international and regional organizations of Asia, Africa and Latin America since 2013, when the concept of BRICS Plus was introduced.

Chelyabinsk will host the SCO Heads of States Council meeting as well as the meeting of BRICS heads of state in 2020 under the Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation No.110 ‘On Organizing Committee to Prepare for and Support the Presidency of the Russian Federation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2019–2020 and BRICS in 2020’.

«For the SCO and BRICS summits in
Chelyabinsk we must maintain the same hospitality we demonstrated hosting
events in Ufa in 2015. I am confident that the upcoming events will contribute
to strengthening international cooperation, stabilizing the international
situation and developing economic ties between the
countries of the two international organizations,» noted Adviser to the
President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of
the Organizing Committee for preparation and support Russia’s Presidency at SCO
in 2019-2020 and BRICS in 2020 Anton Kobyakov.