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‘Soul of Russia. The North’ Audiovisual Culture Festival Held at EEF 2022

9 September 2022
Фестиваль аудиовизуальной культуры «Душа России.Север» состоялся на ВЭФ-2022

The pilot ‘Soul of Russia. The North’ Audiovisual Culture Festival took place on the stage of the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition during the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The cultural programme was organized by the Innosocium Foundation, the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation. The festival was part of the programme of the Creative Business Forum ‘Sociocultural Development of Northern Regions’, which was initiated during Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023.

Roscongress Foundation CEO Alexander Stuglev, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra Governor Natalya Komarova, Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic Marat Shamyunov, and President of the Russian Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North Grigory Ledkov delivered opening addresses at the festival.

The festival guests took in the modern cultural achievements of northern regions and learned about centuries-old traditions and the epos of the Indigenous peoples of the North.

Original tracks were presented during the festival by the popular Yakut performer Kit Jah, DJ of Evenki origin Dramatica, Yakut DJ Aital Alexeyev, member of the indie dance duet URAAN, singer, and melodist Pyotr Keimetinov, and Evenki DJ Gudeykon with an ensemble of Dolgan elders and reindeer herders called Elden Dyukeebil.

A fashion show was held to showcase designer Ksenia Chilingarova’s Arctic Explorer brand as well as hip young designers from Yugra and Yakutia – Ksenia Ilauski, Isabella Dordosova, Yevsey Ivanov, Sandaara Porokhonko, Elena Skakun, and their colleagues from the creative association of the Yakutsk College of Technology and Design – with musical accompaniment from Vera Kondratieva and DJ Kefir as well as the Smola dance group. Members of the Koryak folklore ensemble Angt demonstrated the unique dance traditions of the Indigenous peoples of the North for the audience.

At the festival’s finale, Siberian natives from the Indigenous peoples of Chulym, Keto, and Selkup performed modern musical genres featuring their traditions of throat singing and playing on drums made from elk skin

One of the main priorities of Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023 is to develop human capital in the region, including the Indigenous peoples of the North. Russia devotes special attention to maintaining the sustainability and viability of the peoples of the North, promoting measures to adapt them to climate change, improving people’s well-being, health, education, and quality of life, and ensuring sustainable socioeconomic development throughout the region. The Russian side has initiated projects to digitalize the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Indigenous peoples of the North, develop renewable energy sources, create an international Arctic research station that runs on carbon-free energy, and ensure biosecurity in the Arctic. In addition, Russia is preparing draft proposals on the traditional medicine of Indigenous peoples and the development of creative industries in the Arctic, and is working on an initiative to create Digital Museums of the Arctic.