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EEF 2022 sees the launch of the Far East – Land of Adventure competition

8 September 2022
На ВЭФ-2022 дали старт конкурсу «Дальний Восток – земля приключений»

Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, has launched the Far East – Land of Adventure tourism promotion competition.

“We have agreed that the last day of the Forum marks the start of the competition. We therefore consider it open. The competition website is ready. All those who applied on the website can travel, provided they’re cautious and careful,” noted Yury Trutnev.

In his words, there will be a special focus on routes that recreate the journeys of the earliest explorers and discoverers of the Far Eastern territories. “The historical aspects of routes will be one of the areas on which competitors’ journeys will be judged. But I think it would be wrong to restrict ourselves to this alone. Everyone has the right to make their own discoveries, to their best way of travelling. We want people to come to the Far East, to get to know it. And we want people living in the Far East to discover new places, because the Far East is a vast and beautiful area. There are many places to discover,” the Deputy Prime Minister says.

Yury Trutnev also drew attention to the need to ensure the safety of travellers on dangerous routes. He believes that each traveller attempting a tough trekking route should be properly trained, instead of relying on the accreditation of guides. “On very difficult trekking routes, each person must be trained, each member of the group must be checked. There’s an assessment board that handles that. We need to make sure that without permission from the assessment board, a group can’t attempt a particular route or at least can’t register for it,” he noted.

The Far East – Land of Adventure competition is scheduled to conclude at the end of September next year. To take part, entrants should apply on the ПутешественникДВ.РФ website, register with the Emergencies Ministry and travel to the Far East, then submit a video on their travels. Children aged ten and above are eligible to enter but only under the supervision of adults for whom there is no age limit. The best videos will be selected by members of the jury, who will include polar explorer Matvey Shparo, traveller Bogdan Bulychev and TV presenter Valdis Pelsh. The top prize will be 3 million roubles.