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60% of SPIEF Participants Support Made in Russia Logo

26 May 2018
Более 60% участников ПМЭФ одобрили логотип национального бренда «Сделано в России»

Made in Russia national brand presented the results of a logo survey at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The survey was conducted through the official mobile application of the Forum, accessible to all participants of the event. It clearly demonstrated the potential of the app as an efficient research tool.

Summarizing the survey results, the Made in Russia logo will be a combination of a barcode and a birch tree. The former is associated with business (production and sale of services), and birch is designed to embody culture and national industry. A simple shape of the logo does not require a change in design of the packaging, websites or advertising materials, has a minimal introduction cost, and can be applied to any surface by any available technology.

 “A total of 5836 participants from 63 countries took the survey, 64% of respondents voted for the logo, and foreigners favoured the logo ever more than Russians: 72% of them voted Aye,” noted Mikhail Sadchenkov, Head of the National brand Made in Russia.

Preliminary results were announced already on 24 May at the panel session titled Made in Russia: National and Regional Branding as Tools for Economic Development and Promoting Russia around the World

Made in Russia is the first communication project for the promotion of exports, business and culture, which includes international media, the logo Made in Russia and industry catalogues.