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SPILF 2022 to Feature a Session on Forensic Examination Development

25 June 2022
В рамках ПМЮФ-2022 пройдет сессия по вопросам развития института судебной экспертизы

1 June at 12:15 the 10th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will host a session entitled ‘Forensic Examination at the Forefront of Attempts to Tackle Today’s Challenges’.

The session is devoted to the development of a mutually beneficial dialogue in the field of forensic innovations. It will consider analysis and systematization of modern practices that implement new methods of forensic research, taking into account the challenges of our time.

Participants of the event, among other things, will discuss the prospects of international cooperation in the new areas of forensic research within Eurasia, and talk about innovative approaches to improving the classification and methodological support of the most popular types and kinds of forensic examinations.

«Today it is especially important to develop new areas of forensic research, to develop and implement modern educational models for the professional training of forensic experts in these areas,» said Evgeny Zabarchuk, First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation.

The session will bring together Evgeny Zabarchuk, First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation; Georgiy Omelyanyuk, Deputy Director, Russian Federal Center for Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation; Vladimir Gureev, Vice-Rector for Science, Head of the Department, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure and Organization of the Bailiff Service, All-Russian State University of Justice (RPA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia); Elena Galyashina, Director, Center for Legal Expertise in the Sphere of Counteracting the Ideology of Terrorism and Prevention of Extremism; Professor of the Department of Forensic Examinations, Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafin (MSUA); Farit Aminev, Professor of the Department of Criminalistics and Local Law, Institute of Law of the Institution of Higher Education «Bashkir State University»; Kaliolla Seitenov, First Vice-Rector, Law Enforcement Academy under the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Irena Lapina, Professor of the Department of Forensic Examinations, Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel of the State Committee for Forensic Examinations of the Republic of Belarus.

Detailed programme of the Forum is available at: