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Corporate Management Crisis Adaptation to Be Discussed at SPILF 2022

24 June 2022
На площадке ПМЮФ-2022 обсудят инструменты адаптации корпоративного управления к кризису

On 30 June 2022 at 10:00 10th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will host a session entitled ‘Corporate Governance: Responding to the Challenges Posed by Sanctions’.

The session is dedicated to the improvement of the current legal regime of companies, taking into account the present international agenda.

Participants of the discussion will analyze the opportunities for Russian business to carry out major economic projects, discuss various options of regulating the acquisition of large blocks of shares of PJSCs, and talk about the tools of adaptation of corporate governance to the crisis.

“The measures introduced should be aimed at protecting the rights and interests of those affected by the sanctions: companies, their employees, and Russian shareholders. At the same time the balance of interests of the parties to corporate legal relations should be respected and, if possible, guarantees should be provided to persons whose rights are restricted,” said Alisa Bezrodnaya, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation.

The session will bring together Andrey Klishas, Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Ilya Torosov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Andrey Kovalenko, Acting Deputy Director of the Department of Economic and Civil Legislation, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation; Ilya Bolotnov, Partner, Head of Corporate Practice, Pepeliaev Group; Alan Bayramkulov, Partner, PB Legal. 

Detailed programme of the Forum is available at: