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Major International Forums in Russia to Discuss Priorities of Russia’s Chairmanship of Arctic Council

29 March 2022
Приоритеты российского председательства в Арктическом совете обсудят  в рамках ведущих международных форумов в России

An interagency meeting was held in Moscow on the implementation of the programme for Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021–2023. The meeting was chaired by Anton Kobyakov, an adviser to the Russian President and executive secretary of the Organizing committee in charge of preparing for and supporting Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

«Russia is continuing consistent work to implement the comprehensive programme of its chairmanship with the aim of ensuring the region’s sustainable development. New opportunities in the Arctic will be considered as part of the planned events of the chairmanship and also at the sites of major international forums, such as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum,» Kobyakov said.

The meeting participants also mulled the possibility of organizing thematic Arctic booths at exhibitions during these forums. In addition, their business programmes will include sessions and roundtables dedicated to the development of Russia’s Arctic zone.

«Russia, which accounts for almost a third of the entire territory of the Arctic region, more than half of its population, roughly half of its coastline, and 70% of all economic activity, is well aware of its special responsibility for the fate of the Arctic and is taking advantage of all opportunities — both in multilateral, including regional, and bilateral formats — to establish international partnerships for the sustainable development of the Arctic. The goals and objectives of the programme for Russia’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council are fully consistent with the Fundamentals of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic for the Period until 2035 and the Development Strategy for the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation and Ensuring National Security for the Period until 2035. While collaboration with other member countries in Council format is frozen, Russia intends to proceed from its own national interests in high latitudes and steer the chairmanship mechanism towards finding effective solutions to the internal problems facing the region,» said Nikolay Korchunov, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials and Ambassador-at-Large for Arctic Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The comprehensive programme of Russia’s chairmanship aims to promote cooperation in an effort to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in the Arctic, including the Indigenous Peoples of the North, ensure their adaptation to the effects of climate change, preserve Arctic biodiversity and unique ecosystems, ensure socioeconomic development, find solutions in matters concerning global energy and transport security, promote scientific cooperation at high latitudes, and strengthen the role of the Arctic Council. The Roscongress Foundation manages the events of Russia’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

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