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Outstanding quotes from SPIEF 2021: Forum participants on standards of living and development of cities and regions

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5 June 2021
Яркие цитаты ПМЭФ-2021: Участники форума об уровне и качестве жизни, развитии городов и регионов
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14 February 2019
Forecast of Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation up to 2024

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has produced a forecast of social and economic development of the Russian Federation up to 2024 taking account of changes in external and internal conditions, dynamics of foreign economic environment, and global economic trends.

26 March 2018
Proposals for Russia’s Migration Strategy through 2035

The report titled Proposals for Russia’s Migration Strategy through 2035 has been prepared by the order from the Centre for Strategic Research. The period that followed the disintegration of the Soviet Union proved to be challenging
for Russia from the perspective of politics, socioeconomics, demographics and migration. The unfavourable demographic trends and the declining and ageing of the population
were partially offset by an influx of temporary and permanent migrants from
other post-Soviet states. But numerous errors in the migration policy led to a decrease in Russia’s migration attractiveness, turning migration into a source of social tension and an instrument of political infighting.

27 May 2021
Harnessing technology convergence to manage climate change

A research by consulting firm KPMG examines how companies can use technological innovations to reduce their carbon footprint and improve competitiveness.

17 August 2018
The Future of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

This report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute describes main concerns associated with measuring economic welfare based on gross domestic product figures and proposes other indicators as an alternative to GDP.