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World Energy Trilemma Index 2020

26 March 2021

Since 2010, the World Energy Trilemma Index has provided an independent and objective rating of a country’s energy policy and performance using verified global and country-specific data to assess management of three core dimensions: Energy Security, Energy Equity and Environmental Sustainability.

Countries develop different energy policies based upon their domestic circumstances with varying natural resources, geographies, and socioeconomic systems. This divergence of differing systems and contexts mean that there is no single golden path for successful energy transition, and instead, each country will need to determine its own best energy policy pathway considering its national situation and priorities. This means that direct comparisons between the rankings and scores of countries can be less informative, but instead help provide a conversation opening. But countries can and should learn from each other, by learning what policies work and why such policies might be successful within some contexts but not in others. The Energy Trilemma Index can help countries and energy stakeholders in an on-going dialogue to determine what areas of energy policies need to improve and examples from other countries that may help to determine which options might be more suitable.

The ranking tracks 125 countries. It is calculated using 32 indicators of national energy policy efficiency aggregated into three dimensions:

1. Energy Security

2. Energy Equity (accessibility and affordability)

3. Environmental Sustainability

Russia has resulted in moving up to the 29th place in the World Energy Trilemma Index in 2020.

We also suggest that you read other materials posted in the special sections of the Roscongress Foundation Information and Analytical System: Power generation, Renewable Energy sources, COVID-19, Sustainable Development and Digitalization about energy sources and sustainable development.

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