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Work reimagined: a two-geared approach to reopening and transforming your business

17 June 2020

Reopening business after the pandemic is a long-term process that may cause some difficulties and requires additional efforts for employers. Companies have to look for new ways to protect the employees health, the pandemic also showed the importance of new technologies for business organizing. After the crisis, human health protection and the implementation of new technologies and cybersecurity will play a key role. New methods of work that emerged during the pandemic would be effective and productive in the future.

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13 February 2018
Cybersecurity Regained: Preparing to Face Cyber Attacks

The international survey of EY in the field of information security is devoted to the main challenges in the field of cybersecurity, which companies worldwide face today. The survey captures the responses of nearly 1,200 participants around the globe from over 20 industry sectors. The findings below are based not only on insights but EY extensive global experience of working with clients worldwide to help them to improve their cybersecurity programs.

28 April 2020
Reaction, Rebound, Recession, and Reimagination

There is opportunity in adversity in every business. It may seem callous to stress opportunity in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, but leaders have an obligation to look ahead, to anticipate and meet new customer needs, to evolve their strategies and organizations, and in so doing sustain the prosperity of their enterprises.

26 June 2020
COVID-19. Challenges and their impact on the transport and logistics sector

In their research, PwC experts studied the impact of COVID-19 on business activity, including in the transport and logistics sector.

17 August 2018
5G in Russia: Prospects, strategies for developing the standard and the networks

This report by PwC covers multiple aspects of developing 5G in Russia, such as the impact of new generation telecommunications on innovative digital services, the impact of the characteristics of the new standard and the services on development strategies used by mobile network operators, and the effect of implementing 5G on the economy as a whole and on capital investments in the industry.