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Each human being strives to be something bigger

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11 June 2020
«Каждое человеческое существо хочет стать чем-то большим»
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One of the highest profile participants at SPIEF 2018 was of course Sadhguru, a yogi and mystic and the founder of the Isha Foundation. He captivated the audience with his distinctive traditional attire and his thinking, which he presented at two sessions, ‘From Ambition to Vision’ and ‘Forecast 2100: Technologies of the Future’.

On responsibility

Responsibility is the main word of the future. My whole movement is about being responsible. This is a movement from religion to responsibility, from searching for solutions in the sky to searching for solutions within yourself for the world — Sadhguru.

On the danger of machinery

Machines are already a danger. Every year, more people die in car accidents than in wars. This is collateral damage we accept. ... And it is horrible that one can destroy a whole city by simply pressing a button. Everything that can be created from memories can be made. Everything that is present in our intelligence can be done by a machine. I cannot predict when exactly, but it is possible. ... 90% of humanity bases their lives on their intelligence and physical abilities; that can be re-created in machines.

On globalization

Technology sees no borders. It spreads everywhere: no matter where you come from, you can make a deal with any part of the world. Thanks to online globalization, young people all over the world, especially the ones that are 25 and younger, have lost ambition the way older generations knew it. For example, it’s cool and trendy to wear torn clothes. They don’t think about making their living. They think how to stand out and become special. This is a positive change, which means the world is going from ambition to global vision.

On spirituality

Everything you know about the world through the five sense organs involves physical ways to learn. But these ways can only be used to reach limited goals. Your desire to be infinite means you want go beyond human nature. Pushing the limits of physical nature is called spirituality, while this word is pretty compromised by now. But it means to go beyond the physical limits within you. If you make that happen, then your desire to expand will go away, because there will be no limits.

On understanding life

Human beings know how to survive. If we know how to survive, then the tools inside us that push the limits of survival will start functioning. If you know how to survive, your perception goes beyond the five senses. It means you perceive life the way it actually is instead of just the way you need it for your survival.

On communism

Human societies have always been structured around a lack of something — a deficit of food, housing, clothing and other things that have been basic and routine. The whole economy and philosophy of communism appeared only because there were the haves and the have-nots. There’s no need for this kind of philosophy, if there are no have-nots. But going from a deficit to abundance brings the challenge of irresponsible use of resources

On banning plastic

The whole world is about to start the plastic ban campaign. Of course, it’s a phenomenal material which can be repeatedly reused, but it became our world’s vice. Many companies, including Coca-Cola, can reuse their bottles, but for that to happen their customers need to tear off the tags. That is not always done. Yet, you can use biodegradable paint for writing all the necessary information on the bottle. It will be done, if there’s enough pressure from the society.

On the desire to become something bigger

You strive to be something bigger than you are now. If you already have power, you want more power. If you have money, you want more money. If you have knowledge, you want more knowledge. Each human being strives to be something bigger. Let’s say I’ll make you the king of this planet. Will this make you happy? You’ll see that you don’t strive for bigger things — you strive for the infinite.

On reason

You include the whole world just by breathing. Exclusivity happens on the intellectual level. The only exclusive thing is your mind, because you forgot how to use it.

On children

We need to teach our children that they represent humanity. Children should identify themselves not with a piece of land they live on, but with the whole planet.

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