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COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Snapshot #3: Turning the Tide

28 April 2020
Как меняется потребительский рынок в связи с пандемией коронавируса COVID-19 Выпуск 3: переломный момент
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Snapshot highlights information drawn from a BCG consumer survey that we execute at one- to two-week intervals with our coding and sampling partner, Dynata. Our goal is to provide our clients and businesses around the world with periodic barometer readings of COVID-19-related consumer sentiment and actual and anticipated consumer behavior and spending to inform critical crisis triage activities, as well as rebound planning and decision making.

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16 October 2020
Russian automotive market. 2019 results and outlook

PwC experts provide in their key data characterizing the current state of the Russian automotive industry, as well as provide forecasts for its development. As one of the key trends, the process of digitalization of sales of passenger cars and related circumstances is considered in detail.

8 June 2020
Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook. Trends and Challenges of Socio-Economic Development

This publication by Gaidar Institute and RANEPA contains a collection of articles about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on various spheres, including economy and finance. The central focus is on economic stabilization efforts and state support for businesses in the current conditions.

4 September 2022
National Infrastructure Projects Pipeline 2022

In this publication InfraOne Research examines infrastructure projects from the National Infrastructure Projects Pipeline in the context of the current geopolitical and economic instability, the restrictions and the sanctions, and the repercussions of the pandemic.

21 August 2020
Jisc Industry Reports Review with Emerge Education on Educational Technology (edtech)

Jisc experts collaborate with Emerge Education to present a series of Educational Technology (edtech) reports addressing the employment opportunities of students from non-traditional work areas, student recruitment in times of crisis, and employer-university collaboration.