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In Focus: Corporate Governance and Sustainability

2 February 2018
В фокусе: корпоративное управление и устойчивое развитие
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This Issue of KPMG Bulletin covers the review of the European experience in using the best available technologies in the state regulation for environmental protection;

— best available technologies in the system of state regulation in environmental protection in the Russian Federation;

— improvement in energy efficiency of capital construction in accordance with the main directions of the state policy on introduction of the best available technologies.

The best available technologies are technically feasible production methods that provide maximum efficiency with the least impact on the environment. Such technologies not only reduce the negative impact on the environment, but also allow for improving production processes, upgrading equipment, increasing competitiveness, and creating an image of an environmentally responsible manufacturer, which largely influences the consumer preferences and company’s opportunities to enter markets.

These technologies are successfully used by many states in their regulation system. The relevant technologies are also used in Russia.

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30 August 2021
Payment Discipline in Russian Electricity Sector: End Consumers Build Up Debt

The study prepared by experts of the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) analyzed data on consumption and debt dynamics in the Russian wholesale and retail electricity markets in early 2021.

23 January 2018
21st CEO Survey The Anxious Optimist in the Corner Office, 2018

Every year, PwC conducts a large-scale survey of the CEOs of leading companies worldwide for deep and comprehensive understanding of key challenges facing global business leaders. In the 21st survey, PwC explored CEO views on trust and tenure; how public confidence in business has fallen along with trust in other major institutions of society. This year, 1,293 company executives from 85 countries took part in the survey. The results were presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos (WEF).

16 August 2019
Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences

This report, published as part of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), explores various ways to increase the role that industrial policies play in the transition towards green and circular economies and sustainable development.

25 December 2019
Polar Index. Version 2.0. Regions // Sustainable Development Rating of the Russian Arctic Regions

This report presents the Polar Index ratings. Polar Index is a joint project of the Project Office for the Development of the Arctic (PORA) expert center and the Environmental Economics Chair, Lomonosov Moscow State University. The project is aimed at promoting the sustainable development principles in the Russian Arctic.