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The ratings are based on Richard Florida’s «three Ts» approach which includes Talent, Technology and Tolerance. The final values of the Index were produced using both objective statistical parameters and subjective opinions of a group of creative specialists who assessed the quality of economic and social policy, the comfort of urban environment, the development of infrastructure and services, and the level of tolerance.

The statistical part of the Index uses internationally accepted economic indicators that measure the development of modern technologies and online environment. These indicators are intended to show the degree to which regional creative communities are integrated into the global information environment.

The qualitative part of the Index uses the results of a questionnaire completed by a group of independent experts who were asked to assess the quality and competitiveness of city brands, entrepreneurial projects, and creative initiatives from the viewpoint of current national and global trends.

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1 March 2019
Russian Regions Event Potential Rating 2018

The R&C Market Research Company has conducted its fifth study of the event potential of the Russian regions and has presented the Russian Regions Event Potential Rating 2018 at a special session of the Russian Convention Bureau in the case zone of the Russian Investment Forum 2019 in Sochi.

7 December 2020
Averting a lost COVID generation

In the report published in the run-up to World Children’s Day 2020, UNICEF calls for averting a lost generation as COVID-19 threatens to cause irreversible harm to children’s education, nutrition and wellbeing.

21 August 2020
Role of Culture in Global Crisis: How Identity and Values Shape Behavior

Ipsos experts present a study of the role of various cultural traditions in shaping the society behavior during the dangerous situation. The study also studies the impact of the pandemic on various aspects of consumer behavior.

24 September 2018
Infrastructure and Markets: Far East

This analytical review by InfraONE, prepared exclusively for the 4th Eastern Economic Forum, analyzes the Far East market of investments in infrastructure and its current state and presents a development forecast for the period of 2019–2021.