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29 December 2022
Россия — АСЕАН: выстраивание региональных ЦДС в Большой Евразии
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22 May 2024
The Path Competencies Are There. Many goods to a Multipolar World

Russia’s ‘eastward turn’ is not just a response to geopolitical challenges. We are witnessing the birth of a new multipolar world, in which Russia and the countries of the East will emerge as key players

17 June 2020
Brand Africa’s Top 100 Most Admired Brands in Africa report

Brand Africa’s Top 100 Most Admired Brands in Africa report was conducted in 27 countries across the continent, analysing changes to the ranking over the last ten years, the impact of challenging economic conditions on African brands, and the steps that need to be taken in order for local brands to compete with the global giants dominating the market.

6 August 2020
Are you reframing your future or is the future reframing you?

In the context of the global reboot triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, EY experts in their research suggest the concept of EY Megatrends to today’s leaders as a basis for perceiving the unprecedented changes and for updating their development strategy.

9 October 2020
How an EU Carbon Border Tax Could Jolt World Trade

The Boston Consulting Group has prepared a report on the impact on global trade of initiatives to fight climate change and protect the environment, in particular, the EU Carbon Border Tax.