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24 January 2023
2023 Global outlook. A new investment playbook

Blackrock specialists in their annual review of key trends in the financial markets are looking for answers to the questions that 2022 has asked.

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30 August 2021
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Russian E-Commerce Market

A study prepared by KPMG experts analyzed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Russian e-commerce market. The authors of the review conducted surveys and interviews with industry representatives and experts and tried to identify key trends, drivers and prospects for this activity.

31 May 2021
Digitization and Decarbonization in the new reality

A research by consulting firm KPMG analyzes the impact of the pandemic on companies’ efforts to address their carbon footprint and implement principles of sustainable development through digitalization tools.

31 May 2021
Climate change and corporate value: What companies really think

The research prepared by Eversheds Sutherland and KPMG IMPACT is based on a survey of business leaders on climate change issues and seeks to identify barriers and opportunities for the global corporate response to climate change.

28 May 2021
Me, my life, my wallet

KPMG consulting firm’s research is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the consumer (customer) based on the company’s own data collected from around the world and is intended to give a comprehensive picture of what determines customer behavior and choice today and how companies can adapt to the new reality.

27 May 2021
Harnessing technology convergence to manage climate change

A research by consulting firm KPMG examines how companies can use technological innovations to reduce their carbon footprint and improve competitiveness.

24 May 2021
Shape Your Future

The study by KPMG is focused on how leaders and businesses are reinventing themselves to adapt to the new reality of a rapidly digitalizing post-COVID world. According to KPMG, the motto for the future must be: «Connected. Powered. Trusted».

4 September 2020
Throwing in at the Deep End: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Influenced Mining and Metal Production Market?

KPMG Mustread presents an article that addresses the situation in the mining and metal production market after the coronavirus pandemic. The article reflects sentiments of major international and Russian metal production companies as well as demand behavior outlook in the nearest future.

26 August 2020
Cross-subsidisation in the Russian electric power industry. International benchmarking

KPMG experts have prepared a report that presents the results of the research based on the analysis of public statistical information, expert interviews, and other industry information.

26 August 2020
"Growing competition in the economy is the main message for the education system"

KPMG Mustread presents an interview with Andrey Sharonov, President of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, which reveals the role of business education in today’s rapidly changing world.

28 July 2020
Consumers and the new reality: preparing for changing customer needs, behaviors and expectations

The KPMG research is dedicated to online shopping. It describes the trends that emerge while commerce is being shifted online and provides some advices to companies that are looking for the new solutions.

Analytical digest
29 May 2020
COVID-19 and the airport industry

There is no industry more severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic than aviation.