All support measures of the region Kemerovo Region

Special investment contract

Main measure of support

Preferential tax rates:

  •  tax on property acquired under SPIC 2.0: 0% for the first 5 years, 1.1% for the next 5 years
  • income tax from 0 to 15% with gradual growth, each stage is 5 years.

Support restrictions

Only subjects participating in SPIC

Type of instrument
Tax incentives
Duration of support
Kemerovo Region
Body providing support
Authority Government of Kuzbass
Recipients of support
  • Micro enterprise (business)
  • Small enterprise (business)
  • Medium enterprise (business)
  • Large enterprise (business)
  • Individual entrepreneur
  • Exporter
  • Innovator (start-up)
  • Investor
  • Farm (peasant) economy

List of documents required to receive support

business plan and financial model of the project
certifiecopies of documents confirming the possibility of investing by an investor
list of investor obligations
information about the characteristics of industrial products
investment project implementation schedule
fundraising schedule for financing an investment project
schedule of investment (expenditure) of funds (by years), including including expenses in all or certain areas
information about the results (indicators) that are planned to be achieved during the implementation of the investment project
certificates of all incentive measures implemented
certificates confirming the conformity of the investor and the persons involved (if attracted)
certificates indicating the structure (scheme) of the participants of the investment project

Regulatory document

The law of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass dated May 13, 2020 N 52-OZ "On tax benefits for participants of special investment contracts" (adopted by the resolution of the Legislative Assembly of the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass dated May 13, 2020)