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Development of factories, new schools and 70 billion investments: Dmitry Bogdanov spoke about the results of SPIEF-2022 for the Samara Region

20 June 2022

Dmitry Bogdanov, Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region, presented the results of the great work of the region's team at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum:

«The Samara region has reached quite serious agreements on the volume of investments, which are confirmed by these agreements. Their total volume exceeded 70 billion rubles, - the minister said. - We agreed with the Uralchem ​​group on investments in the Togliatti plant of more than 30 billion rubles. The funds will be used both for business development and for the development of supply chains, as well as the logistics of movement, shipment of goods, which is extremely important in today's conditions, and we understand this very well».

According to Dmitry Bogdanov, the region continues to develop partnerships with a young but very significant investor, the Ferroni company. At the forum, an additional agreement was signed on the construction of a new school in Togliatti. The company is investing more than 400 million rubles in the project.

«With the RENOVA group, we agreed that a fairly serious modernization of networks will be carried out in Samara, Tolyatti and Novokuibyshevsk. This is extremely important for the sustainable operation of the housing and communal infrastructure», - the head of the regional Ministry of Economic Development explained.

At the forum, an agreement was signed with NOVATEK on the construction of a plant for the production of liquefied natural gas and modern filling stations. «This will make it possible to convert even more vehicles to gas fuel, which means it will improve the economy in all areas where transport is an important component», - Dmitry Bogdanov added. Let's remind, earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has made special emphasis on it. The volume of investments in the project will amount to 2 billion rubles.

In addition, social facilities will be developed in the region. The ProShkola company will invest in the construction of three new schools at once in Samara, Tolyatti and the Volzhsky region. Under an agreement with Procampus, a subsidiary of VEB.RF, to prepare a private concession initiative, it is planned to build an interuniversity international student campus in Samara with a total investment of over 26 billion rubles.

As the minister said, the team of the region is working on attracting complex developers.

«Summing up the preliminary results, it can be noted that the forum was dynamic, with a large number of meetings. The work of our enterprises at the stand of the region is especially pleasing. These are SMARTS, and Electroshield, and Pegas-Agro, and Ferroni, - Dmitry Bogdanov listed. - The guests of the forum were presented with the developments of our aerospace, technical and medical universities. As a result of their work, agreements were reached on multibillion-dollar contracts. And this is also the task that Governor Dmitry Azarov sets before us - for the Samara business to use the stand of the Samara region in full, to promote their unique products and conclude contracts.

Dozens of meetings and negotiations with foreign partners, including representatives of Egypt, China, the United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil, Turkey, Kuwait, Iran, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Nigeria, took place at the forum site.

As Dmitry Bogdanov added, the region now faces serious work to implement the agreements reached.