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Roscongress Foundation Investment Platform - The Fund RC-Investments raised investments to finance the “Teros ZK” project

5 March 2021
Инвестиционная платформа Фонда Росконгресс – Фонд «РК-Инвестиции» привлек инвестиции для финансирования проекта «Терос ЗК»

The investment platform of the Roscongress Foundation - the Fund RC-Investments supports the project "Teros-agricultural cluster in the Trans-Baikal Territory of the Russian Federation" in terms of consulting services for organizing and attracting financing for the Project.

A target loan agreement with a foreign strategic investor was signed with the assistance of the Fund "RC-Investments", providing for the financing of operational and investment costs in relation to agricultural activities under the project "Teros-agricultural cluster in the Trans-Baikal Territory of the Russian Federation".

“The Fund "RC-Investments" has high competencies in determining the effectiveness of projects, as well as a highly qualified professional team that can qualitatively prepare project documentation, conduct negotiations with potential investors and attract financing to the project, "said Alexander Shatirov, Director of the Fund" RC - Investments". – The investment platform tools of were effectively used in terms of systematization of the work and its entry into the final stage of the financial closure of the project."

The total investment in the project over 6 years will be about $100 million. The possibility of a phased introduction of the project will allow the initial stage to use the share capital of about $15 million, and in the future to use the resources of the Project itself and credit / leasing organizations.

As part of the development of the Project, an elevator with a storage capacity of 50,000 tons will be built, and in the future, its capacity will be increased to 100,000 tons. In addition, production hubs will be built (1-2 in each district) for the possibility of intermediate storage.

If the land bank of the project is increased over 200,000 hectares, the business will be able to enter the IPO in the future. Given the high level of consolidation in Russian agriculture, it can become an attractive target for large Russian and foreign strategic players who are looking to expand and find new markets.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a large-scale agricultural platform in the Trans-Baikal Territory of the Russian Federation with a total land bank of 150,000 hectares, focused on export. The project lands are located in three districts - Alexandrovo-Zavodsky, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky, Kalgansky, and in the future also in the fourth district-Priargunsky. The investment project provides for the gradual raising of fallow lands and their return to crop rotation. 

On these lands, it is planned to grow several crops: rapeseed, oats, flax, buckwheat and sunflower. The agricultural cluster is located at a distance of 50-200 km from the Chinese border, which motivates Chinese importers to enter into contracts for the purchase of products.

The founder of the company-initiator of the project Denis Tsesarenko, noted that cooperation with the Fund" RC-Investments " has shown its effectiveness."

"It is also important that the regional authorities provide significant support to the agricultural sector, including all kinds of subsidies and administrative assistance," - Denis Sergeyevich said. For the development of the agro-industrial complex in the territory of the region, a long-term target program "Support and development of the agro-industrial complex of the Trans-Baikal Territory" is being implemented, aimed at creating an effective and competitive agro-industrial production, increasing the volume of production and sales of agricultural products, improving the quality of life of the rural population. “Teros ZK” fully complies with the priority directions of the strategic development of agriculture in the Trans-Baikal Territory, as it will return a large amount of fallow land (150,000+ hectares) to circulation, provide high-quality jobs for specialists in the relevant areas and bring with it the latest technologies in the cultivation of crops such as rapeseed, sunflower and oats."

It should be noted that the project "Teros-agricultural cluster in the Trans-Baikal Territory of the Russian Federation" was published on the investment portal of the regions of Russia

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