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Roscongress and Gazprombank to Promote Russia’s Investment Climate Abroad

15 January 2021
Росконгресс и Газпромбанк будут продвигать инвестиционный имидж России за рубежом

The Roscongress Foundation and Gazprombank signed a cooperation agreement for developing and supporting international business projects and investment. The document was signed by CEO and Chairman of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev and Gazprombank’s First Vice President Roman Panov.

The parties agreed to pursue multifaceted cooperation in international business projects and investment, as well as in developing international communication platforms in Russia and abroad. Both organizations intend to focus on promoting Russia’s favourable investment climate on a global scale, attracting Russian and foreign investment for priority investment projects in Russian regions, and supporting innovative projects and businesses. Both parties will also address development of interregional and international cooperation through the use of investment opportunities offered by Russian regions.

«We always show consideration for initiatives that help search for new investment for exciting projects, especially those in Russian regions. Today, the regional development agenda is as relevant as ever. We are happy to be developing our communication platforms in order to make them even more useful for small and medium businesses across the country, for finding investors, partners, and potential customers. I am confident that our intensive cooperation with Gazprombank will help us intensify our efforts and will aid Russian entrepreneurship,» noted Alexander Stuglev.

«Gazprombank values the potential of its cooperation with the Roscongress Foundation in promoting Russia’s favourable investment climate abroad and attracting Russian and international investment for priority projects in Russian regions. This cooperation becomes especially relevant in light of reaching national targets set by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2021, Gazprombank and the Roscongress Foundation plan to hold a set of joint international events, including those in African countries and the Middle East. It will help ensure promotion of Russian business in Africa in pursuance of the first Russia—Africa resolutions adopted in Sochi on 23–24 October 2019,» shared Roman Panov.

Under cooperation plans, the Roscongress Foundation and Gazprombank intend to organize joint expert discussions that will result in business programmes of the Foundation’s largest events. Cooperation will also include organizing shared events abroad that will bring in experts in innovations and international trade and members of the banking community. Among other areas of cooperation are expert, consulting and information support and preparation of recommendations for successful implementation of investment projects in Russia and its regions.

The Roscongress Foundation places special emphasis on projects in Russian regions. Parties to the agreement will ensure cooperation and interaction to develop, an investment-oriented website for Russian regions. This project was launched in 2020 by the Roscongress Foundation and RC-Investments. This project aims to create a unique digital space, uniting investors and project initiators from all over the country. It strives to provide updated information about Russian regions, their business environment, government support measures, and other aspects of business ideas that can improve business climate in Russian regions.