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Current challenges facing real estate market set to be discussed at PROESTATE.Live

4 September 2020
Актуальные вызовы рынка недвижимости обсудят на PROESTATE.Live

As part of the business programme for the International Real Estate Investment Forum PROESTATE.Live, which will be held from 10 to 13 September 2020, 19 online events will be held covering topics from HIGH LEVEL BUSINESS toINVESTMENT. Experts from the construction sector, among others, will discuss the current challenges facing the real estate market, as well as how to seek out and secure investment successfully. The forum is organized by the Roscongress Foundation, the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the training centre of the Academy of Real Estate (ARE) and IMMERGITY.

The HIGH LEVEL BUSINESS section will be dedicated to contemporary challenges encountered at all stages of real estate development projects, from the conception stage to the end consumerpurchase. Participants in the discussions and conferences will have chance to raise issues related to demand, strategy development and project financing. What’s more, current trends and areas for development will also be discussed in terms of the residential and commercial property sectors. Speakers at the event will include experts with several years’ worth of experience, key real estate development stakeholders and representatives from related industries. 

This section of the business programme will be launched on 10 September with a key conference entitled Development Business Efficiency: Development Strategies in the New Market Conditions”, which will feature: Dmitry Nekrestyanov, Lawyer, PhD Law, Partner and Head of Real Estate and Investment Practice at Kachkin & Partners; Felix Blinov, Chief Executive Officer of RWM Capital JSC and Chair of the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers; Amir Idiatulin, Founder and CEO of IND Architects; Igor Chumachenko, Head of Real Estate, Land and Construction Practice at VEGAS LEX; Alexander Sharapov, CEO of Becar Asset Management; Dmitry Sergienko, former Director of Corporate and Sovereign Ratings at Expert RA; and Vladimir Sergunin, Partner and Member of the Board of Directors at Colliers International. 

Speakers will discuss the anticipated redistribution of market shares, the relevance of new business areas, including the influence of the digital sphere, various aspects of state support, opportunities for minimizing risk and other issues pertinent to the real estate development market. 

As part of a discussion entitled “Evaluation of the main risks in the commercial real estate market”, participants will discuss which sectors have shown themselves to be most resilient in the post-COVID world and which challenges are anticipated by stakeholders, as well as by the state, such as how to attract funding in difficult circumstances and how to hold onto construction facilities. 

An analytical session entitled “Analysis of consumer preferences in the residential real estate market. By whom is the demand for housing formed today? will cover development prospects for the real estate market, the effectiveness of favourable mortgage services for business development, and current consumer preferences and categories for real estate products.  

On 11 September, as part of the HIGH LEVEL BUSINESS section, a key discussion will take place entitled “Banks as the engine of the development market”, along with a key session entitled “Problems of technological connection to power supply networks in the construction of residential, commercial real estate and infrastructure facilities”, a discussion entitled “Elite project: the future of golden meters”, and an expert conversation entitled “Inflation, oil, GDP: how macroeconomics will affect the real estate market”.   

The following day, business programme attendees will have chance to take part in a discussion entitled Warehouses: how to retain high demand?”, along with the following conferences: “Where to Live Fashionably: A Strategy for Promoting the DistrictConference "Transition to Project Financing: First Results. New role of financial institutions in the residential real estate market and terms of cooperation”, and A View of Development of Key Development Institutions: What has to be changed?.

Meanwhilemajor investment funds, private investors and market representatives interested in attracting investment are all set to take part in the INVESTMENT section of the business programme.

As part of a key session entitled Real estate market investment potential: the new normal, participants will discuss how 2020 has forced key stakeholders in the sector to reconsider their strategies and investment tools, how the current environment has affected the investment climate and what to expect from the Russian market in the near future. Participants will include Natalia Devyatkova, General Director of Denova and Vice President of the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers; Katerina Soboleva, Vice President of Becar Asset Management; Stanislav Bibik, Partner and Board Member at Colliers International; and Sergey Trukhanov, Head of T+T Architects.

As part of the investment section, events will also be held on the profitability of different types of commercial real estate, the most effective investment tools, ways of capitalizing on real estate via private investors, key ways of increasingproject profitability and other topical issues.   

As well as the HIGH LEVEL BUSINESS and INVESTMENT sections, there will also be discussions under the themes of STRATEGY, TECHNOLOGY, KNOWLEDGE and BUSINESS FOR PEOPLE as part of the forum’s online business programme. Each topic will have its own corresponding virtual room. 

PROESTATE.Live will be held in a virtual interactive online format, with 3D exhibitions, plenty of different conference programmes and ample opportunity for networking.

You can view the business programme for the event and register on the official