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Roscongress to attract around USD 200 million to Kamchatka’s economy

29 June 2020
Росконгресс привлечет около 200 млн долларов в экономику Камчатского края

The Roscongress Foundation, together with its subsidiary RC-Investments Fund, are to attract around USD 200 million of direct investment to the economy of Kamchatka Territory by creating the first Russian world-class falcon centre. A detailed plan for this project will be presented in two weeks.

Acting Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov has already tasked the region’s government with finalizing the plan of the falcon centre project in Milkovsky district within two weeks. It is going to become a new growth area on Kamchatka’s map. As soon as in July, Vladimir Solodov intends to launch the process of project’s approval in the Government of the Russian Federation. Also, the falcon centre is to become part of Kamchatka ASEZ.

«This is going to be the first Russian project for breeding of hunting birds which is being developed together with Arab countries and Kyrgyzstan that already has similar experience. Now we are focusing on the actual implementation of the project. This is a new thing for Russia that we are to build from scratch. Undoubtedly, such a scientific centre for studying hunting birds will pave the way for international cooperation, as well as help restore our gyrfalcon population that has decreased over the last few years due to illegal hunting,» said Vladimir Solodov.

The region’s head added that the centre would boost the development of Milkovsky district in general. Initially, 300 pairs of birds are to be brought to the centre. Currently the decision on the land plot for the centre is being taken.

The projects for restoration of the population of birds of the falcon family and plans for restoration of rare bird species in Russia were presented by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kobylkin at the 5th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok and were supported by Russian President. Creation of the falcon centre in Kamchatka meets the goals and objectives of the Ecology national project for biodiversity conservation.

«The construction of the falcon centre in Kamchtka will not
only help restore the gyrfalcon population in its traditional spots, but also take
a heavy toll on the black market of falcons. We have good prospects for the dialog
in this area, including international cooperation. The Ministry of Natural
Resources and Environment is willing to carefully study the project and
coordinate its implementation,»
commented Dmitry Kobylkin.