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World renowned quantum technology experts to answer viewers’ questions in new series of online discussions entitled Quantum of the Future

2 June 2020
Ведущие мировые эксперты в области квантовых технологий ответят на вопросы зрителей в серии онлайн-дискуссий «Квант будущего»

The Russian Quantum Center, the Roscongress Foundation and Rosatom are proud to announce the launch of a new series of online discussions called Quantum of the Future. Guests will include world leaders in the quantum race, who will speak about how our day-to-day lives will soon change dramatically thanks to quantum technology: from the simplification of logistical processes and the emergence of new lightweight and durable materials, to a revolution in healthcare and an increase in life expectancy.

The first online session will take place on 4 June at 17:00 Moscow time, and can be viewed on the Roscongress Foundation’s websiteYouTube channel, and Facebook page. Viewers will be able to put forward their questions during the stream or in advance of the programme by writing to [email protected]

The topic of the first meeting will be Quantum Computing: Answers to Global Challenges. Moderating the event will be Ruslan Yunusov, who is heading Rosatom’s project to build a quantum computer in Russia.

“When the classical computer was invented, it was not confined to mathematical faculties at universities, but led to the third industrial revolution in the late 1980s. Similarly, quantum computing is set to change all aspects of our lives, without exception. Its completely different configuration allows a quantum computer to solve tasks which are completely beyond even today’s supercomputers in a matter of seconds. We will be able to process vast amounts of data and solve tasks with an enormous number of variables. We’ll be able to design new materials and chemical compounds (including medications for diseases currently considered incurable), crack any system which employs classical cryptography methods, and even predict disasters. In ‘The Future of Quantum Technology’, we will conduct a step-by-step analysis of every aspect of the coming quantum revolution. In the first discussion, world leaders in the quantum race will discuss the major challenges facing humanity and how quantum computing will help us respond to them,” said Ruslan Yunusov.

“We keenly support the development of innovation and technology industries at the Foundation’s events. That’s because we see enormous potential to make the Russian economy more competitive and to improve people’s lives. The Roscongress Foundation’s Innovation Space and Business Priority have been particularly successful projects in this regard, and have acted as a springboard for many promising companies in Russia. That said, we are well aware that cutting-edge technology cannot exist without fundamental research. And that is why we are delighted to be launching The Future of Quantum Technology. This series of online events will feature world-renowned experts, who will speak about the limitless possibilities offered by the coming quantum era. I’d like to underscore the fact that all information on the topic will be available on the Roscongress Foundation’s Information and Analytical System. This platform has collated a range of valuable scientific and applied knowledge across all topics in today’s business agenda. Available resources include research papers, digests, discussions, and articles by renowned Russian and international experts,” said Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev

Speakers at the first online discussion:

  • Boris Altshuler – Senior quantum technology consultant for Google and professor at the department of physics at Columbia University in the US. Altshuler’s research interests include atomic, molecular, and optical physics, and also condensed matter physics.
  • Urbasi Sinha – An advocate for the launch of India’s USD 1.12 billion quantum programme, professor at the Raman Research Institute (RRI) in India, and affiliate member of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo and the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Computing at the University of Toronto. Sinha’s research focuses on experimental quantum information and quantum computing.
  • Gianfranco Basti – Professor of philosophy of nature and science at the Pontifical Lateran University in Italy. Basti’s research interests include developing new philosophical and cultural foundations for society, and in particular, the integration of quantum technology in the humanitarian sphere.
  • Kirill Komarov – First deputy director general and director for corporate development and international business at Rosatom.
  • Dmitry Peskov – Young Professionals project director at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on digital and technological development.
  • Fyodor Lukyanov – Research director at the Valdai Discussion Club and chief editor of Russia in Global Affairs Journal.

The programme is being supported by MKR Media and the Friends for Leadership business initiative in partnership with PGBgroup2.0 and popular science publication N+1. 

Subsequent online discussions are scheduled to take place on 11 June (Quantum Communications: A Fully Protected Future), 18 June (Could Quantum Technologies Improve Life Expectancy and Quality of Life?) and 25 June (Quantum Technology Markets: Who Is Investing and Why?). The names of the guests at each of these discussions will be announced in due course on the Roscongress Foundation website, and the News section of the Russian Quantum Center website.