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"Krasnoyarsk Territory Presents BRICS its Best Investment Projects"

12 May 2020
Красноярск идёт в БРИКС. Лучшие проекты ждут инвесторов из стран пятёрки.

Yenisei Siberia presented the investment potential of Krasnoyarsk Territory in another round of its online roadshow. Roscongress Foundation jointly with its investment branch RK-Investments in collaboration with the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation and holding MKR-Media are the promoters of this online project are. 


Vladislav Polunin, head of the Corporation’s investment proposal initiatives, described the key projects and support measures designed to create a business-friendly environment for investors. These projects include Lime Production Development, Amorphous Graphite Production Development based on the Graphite Plant in Krasnoyarsk, and Development of Specialty Chemicals Production. All these initiatives are part of the Yenisei Siberia Megaproject.


“The Krasnoyarsk Territory offers numerous opportunities and is rich in minerals that can be used in various ways. It is worth mentioning a certain focus on non-ferrous metals: besides gold, this includes various metals of platinum and copper-nickel groups. Furthermore, speaking of something more universal, our coal-mining sector has seen also extensive development. And both coal mining and the coal chemical industry are now exploring new development opportunities. This could also contribute to new export potential for us in the future”, noted Vladislav Polunin. 


Stressing that all the investment projects were approved by the regional government, he also pointed out that investors would be offered flexible investment tools, preferences and government incentives.


The presentation will be available on YouTube channels of the Roscongress FoundationRussian Regions Investment Platform, and BRICS TV. At 5 p.m., Moscow time, the show will be aired on BRICS TV.


“Helping the regions to improve the investment climate is an important line of activity of the Roscongress Foundation. This roadshow aims to demonstrate to foreign and Russian investors the opportunities that exist in the Siberian regions, and to establish good relationships between the stakeholders”, said Roscongress Foundation’s Chairman of the Board Aleksandr Stuglev. “Previously, with the same goal, we launched a special project together with our subsidiary, the RK-Investments foundation, to attract investments to Russian regions. The investment platform is a unique information space and communication environment where the interests of the regions, project initiators, and investors meet.” 


Round One of the roadshow with Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation General Director Sergei Ladyzhenko was held on April 30, 2020. 


Speakers in the next roadshow will include Deputy General Director and Head of the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation’ Representation in the Khakas Republic Mr. Mikhail Krutskikh, and Head of the Corporation’s Representation in Tyva Ms. Yevgeniya Khertek. They are going to present business opportunities in their regions.


Professor Dr. Maurice “Tony” Ewing, Cambridge University, the renowned management consultant, behavioural data scientist, and public speaker, moderated the discussions.


The multi-sectoral investment project Yenisei Siberia covers three regions sharing a common culture, history, and nature. The economies and infrastructures of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakas Republic, and the Republic of Tyva are connected, which offers an opportunity to develop across various sectors, improve the standards of living and promote the well-being of their residents. The Yenisei Siberia project was initiated by Heads of these regions and supported by the President and Government of the Russian Federation.



Video summaries of all online roadshows will be available in the Roscongress analytics system.