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Russian Convention Bureau holds discussion on new challenges for event industry

23 April 2020
«Весенняя перекличка»: новые вызовы для ивент-индустрии

Representatives of the event industry have taken part in a discussion on effective methods and practices to leverage the potential of the Russian regions to overcome the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The show, called Good morning, nation! was organized by the Russian Convention Bureau with the support of the Roscongress Foundation.

Among those taking part were Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev, Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Porodnov, Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Talia Minullina, and Director General of the Krasnodar Region Development Corporation Pavel Mayorov. The discussion was moderated by Chief Executive Officer of the Russian Convention Bureau Alexey Kalachev.

“The most effective strategy we can employ today is to combine our strengths,” said Alexander Stuglev. “For example, a key project by the Roscongress Foundation has been the establishment of an expert group focusing on the regions, where representatives from across Russia can share best economic practices.  We have moved these meetings online, having increased both visibility and engagement. In these uncertain times, it is vital to support the Roscongress Foundation’s brand, keep its team together, and to be involved in processes which are happening in the country. Of course, it has been difficult to commercialize online projects, given such an abrupt transition to the digital sphere. That said, we are continuing to work, adapt, and remodel the way we work. In our industry, we sometimes have to make a trade-off in order to win in the long-run.”

“We have launched a series of webinars in which industry representatives discuss ways to minimize losses and adopt new approaches. We have identified three main trends that have emerged as a result of the pandemic: the transition to the online world, expansion into new markets, and collaboration between industries,” said Alexander Porodnov.

The discussion also focused on ways to showcase regions as part of the Regional Passport project, as well as the potential for regions to host conventions and exhibitions. A recording of the show can be viewed on the Roscongress Foundation’s YouTube channel