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Roscongress Foundation creates online platform with COVID-19 analytics

1 April 2020
Фонд Росконгресс создает аналитическую онлайн-платформу о ситуации с COVID-19

ROSCONGRESS.ORG Information and Analytical System launched a dedicated knowledge base that accumulates trending analytics about the coronavirus pandemic.

The system offers research, analytical reviews, and guidelines for fighting COVID-19 from leading field-specific organizations and development institutes. It also contains important documents drafted for programmes that aim to fight the coronavirus. This online platform is supported by the Higher School of Healthcare Administration and Management.

This new resource will help healthcare specialists, public officials, and business representatives to come up with efficient solutions to fight coronavirus. Equally, it aims to assist ordinary citizens to get timely recommendations on how stay safe and keep their families safe.

«Our purpose is to create a web resource that would give a true and fair view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and its potential effect on the economy and people. This platform puts together analytical research and practical guidelines from reliable sources, both Russian and international. We will provide timely updates from Russian regions and opinions of various subject-matter experts. I am confident that truthful information will help us all overcome this time of trouble,» said Alexander Stuglev, CEO and Chairman of the Roscongress Foundation.

Guzel Ulumbekova, Doctor of Medicine and Head of the Higher School of Healthcare Administration and Management noted: «Due to the spread of the coronavirus, our specialists developed particular recommendations. We would like to emphasize the need to update general public on both the threats and measures taken by Russian authorities to counter the them. It is also important to be aware of the situation in other countries. International experience will help make the right decisions.»

In the article called ‘COVID-19, a coronavirus disease caused by SARS-Cov-2’ (available in Russian only), experts from the Higher School of Healthcare Administration and Management collected official documents and most reliable research articles on public health, diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of coronavirus. The materials will be regularly updated.

Available materials include the Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment prepared by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation with support from Zhejiang University School of Medicine (China), and the Review of Economic Measures taken by different countries to support businesses and individuals during the spread of COVID-19.

The website of the Roscongress Foundation offers a list of cultural events available online you can watch when self-isolated. They include most exciting events broadcast from theatres, museums, and concert halls in various Russian cities that hosted Roscongress’ multiple conventions and exhibitions.