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Russia House in Davos: Highlights from the first day of business programme

22 January 2020
«Русский дом» в Давосе: итоги первого дня деловой программы

Business events has taken place at Russia House in Davos, which is organized by the Roscongress Foundation. On the first day venue welcomed over 500 guests from Russia and abroad.

The business programme for the first day began with an International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC) working discussion entitled ‘Risk or Crisis Management: Why is Prevention better than Mitigation?’ Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board at Sberbank, and Dmitry Samartsev, Chief Executive Officer of BI.ZONE, took part in the debate, which touched on different approaches to cyber resilience. It was stated that although over half of the world’s population uses the internet, which is over 3.5 billion people, the level of cyber resilience nowadays leaves much to be desired. “The explosive development of technology is outpacing legislation on cybersecurity. However, unlike companies and states, cybercriminals are not constrained by national borders and remain one step ahead. In order to learn how to combat them, we need to analyse and anticipate future threats while developing a risk-based approach”, Kuznetsov noted during the discussion

The Roscongress Foundation partnered with the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar (IPAQ) on a panel discussion ‘Perspectives from Qatar and Russia: Investment Trends in Emerging Markets’ to explore how international investors are infiltrating emerging economies and the new investment instruments they are utilizing to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Roscongress Foundation Chairman of the Board and CEO Alexander Stuglev and Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar CEO Ali Alwaleed al-Thani held a meeting during which they agreed to create a platform to promote Russian-Qatari investments in Doha. Commenting on the event, Sheikh Ali Alwaleed Al Thani said: “We are pleased to be working closely with our Russian partners towards expanding Qatar’s sustainable investment opportunities for international businesses as well as advancing the FDI roadmaps of both nations. This perfectly aligns with Qatar’s unique investment proposition, which focuses on strategically cultivating clusters of sustainable investments that enhance know-how, boost skilled human capital, and introduce new technologies, rather than merely pursuing a large FDI inflow.”

At Russia House a discussion on issues surrounding the influence of new forms of FinTech on the real economy was held with the support of Rosgeologia. Experts discussed the risks and advantages of stable digital assets which are tied to a specific software. Participants in the session included: General Director and Chairman of the Management Board of Rosgeologia, Sergey Gorkov; Head of Business Development at BitForex, Jason Luo; Managing Director of CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG, Stephan Bucher; and Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors of Turicum Private Bank, Raymond Bisang. Sergey Gorkov believes tokenization is a new era of global investment. “Time will tell whether or not that’s the case. But it’s obvious that the technology has already had success, although interest is constrained by a large number of risks, including due to the lack of a regulatory framework”, he said.

The official Russian residence is open to Davos guests and participants until 24 January. The business programme can be found on the official Russia House website: