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Youth Entrepreneurship Day to be Held in Sochi

21 January 2020
В Сочи пройдет День молодежного предпринимательства

On 14 February, Youth Entrepreneurship Day will be held at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. The aim of Youth Entrepreneurship Day is to build a dialogue between young people and the government. It offers young people a wonderful opportunity to talk to leading representatives of business, government and public organizations, make useful connections and enhance their professional skills.

«Youth events at business forums are being held in line with the President’s order to organize a permanent youth platform at major Russian business events. This is only one of the vast range of measures being taken in respect of state youth policy in the Russian Federation.

By supporting and empowering young people to engage socially and economically and in their professional life, we not only address important issues, but also strengthen the foundation of the Russian economy of the future. In a recent message to the Federal Assembly President Vladimir Putin paid particular attention to providing support to young families and scientists, developing education and science, and boosting youth employment in the regions. Our goal is to create the conditions that will enable young professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive professionally, contribute to the economy of the country, and subsequently become the bedrock of the economy,» said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee responsible for preparing and conducting the Russian Investment Forum.

The event programme includes networking, panel discussions, sessions and a case club. In the morning of the final day of Russian Investment Forum 2020, several panel discussions and sessions on important topics will kick off in parallel. At the thematic platforms, participants will discuss key economic and political issues with leaders of the business community and will address issues related to investment in youth and the development of entrepreneurial activity, volunteering and innovation.

The key session will be the panel discussion: Investing in Youth — a Contribution to the Future or Success in the Present?«, where the panel members will discuss the successful performance of young people, which becomes a strategic resource for improving the country’s economy and a significant driver of creative and technological values. Leading experts and participants will address issues related to supporting young people and creating the conditions for them to develop and unleash their potential, and discuss the role of young people in modern society and how this can affect the future of the country.

«Such innovative dialogue platforms at major economic forums contribute to the development of of new technological projects and fresh ideas due to the incentives and unique experience that young participants gain. Investing well in young people, supporting them and creating all the necessary opportunities and resources for their personal fulfilment will have a positive impact on the development of our country across the board,» said Alexander Bugaev, Acting Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The Forum will also pay particular attention to volunteering, digitalization, professional competitions, social elevators, women in business, and entrepreneurship and the environment. Participants can enjoy a hands-on experience in the case club: Social Entrepreneurship — Time to Act.

The Russian Investment Forum is a platform for dialogue, signing important agreements, presenting the investment and economic potential of Russia, and discussing key issues related to increasing investment into the county and fostering its innovative development.

Youth Entrepreneurship Day at the Russian Investment Forum is set to bring together more than 600 participants from all over the country. The Russian Investment Forum in Sochi will take place on 12–14 February 2020. More details are available on the official website: