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Russian Developers Introduce Conversational AI System in London

27 November 2019
Российские разработчики представили в Лондоне систему разговорного искусственного интеллекта

The Dasha.AI conversational artificial intelligence system made its European debut at the Russian-British Business Forum V. The Russian-made invention is the latest solution to reduce call centre costs with a combination of human-like robotic behaviour and innovative algorithms to process the information it receives.

The Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF) is the largest Russian business event held abroad. The Forum is held under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and is organized by the Trade Representation of Russia in the United Kingdom jointly with the Roscongress Foundation. This year, the Forum, which was attended by more than 1,000 people, is devoted to the theme of ‘Digital Industries and Infrastructure’. The panel sessions and roundtables are focusing on various sectors from banking services to urban studies.

One of the main European premieres was the presentation of the Dasha.AI artificial intelligence system. The modern application Dasha is essentially a full-fledged virtual manager that is capable of calling potential and existing customers, selling services, and answering questions in different languages.

«Artificial intelligence systems and neural networks are the meta-level in the service sector today and can serve different segments of the economy. Such developments could provide a serious impetus to any company’s business. It’s very important that Russia not only has innovative developments, but has also been able to successfully and efficiently apply them and bring them to European markets. We reaffirmed this once again today at the premiere of the Dasha.AI system,» Trade Representative of Russia in the UK Boris Abramov said.

One unique feature of the system is its hybrid speech synthesis technology. The speech segments recorded by the speakers — syllables, words, phrases, and whole sentences — are combined into the necessary phrases using special algorithms with natural intonation and speech behaviour. Dasha is capable of formulating the same idea in different ways, inserting filler words, and sometimes even interrupts people. In order to recognize natural speech, Dasha.AI uses the programme interfaces of Yandex and Google as well as its own developments. All of Dasha’s interaction with live people helps it to learn and improve its algorithms.

The invention’s creators claim that 95% of the people who interact with Dasha cannot distinguish it from a regular person, but the team is not planning to rest on its laurels.

«Sooner or later, conversational artificial intelligence will be used wherever technology can replace humans. It’s inevitable. We are doing everything possible to become leaders in this field,» said Vladislav Chernyshov, the company’s CEO and co-founder.

The company has actively been working on the Russian and U.S. markets for two years and has already implemented a number of pilot projects. Over time, the range of use of artificial intelligence in these projects has become much broader. Dasha primarily works in the banking, finance, insurance, and technology sectors. Today, the technology’s capabilities are seeing the highest demand in NPS surveys, delivery confirmation, additional sales, scheduling doctor appointments, and also replacing first-line operators on incoming calls.

The RBBF traditionally not only serves as a platform for discussions and negotiations, but also helps to draw the attention of British business to Russian inventions and to engage with them directly.