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Officials Discuss Agenda of 12th Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow

10 October 2019
В Москве обсудили подготовку к XII Евразийскому экономическому форуму

A press conference was held at the Rossiya Sevodnya International Multimedia Press Centre on 10 October 2019 to announce the 12th Eurasian Economic Forum, which will be held on 24–25 October 2019 in Verona, Italy. The key theme of the Forum this year will be ‘Business Connecting Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific’.

The press conference was attended by Member of the Board and Minister for Trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission Veronika Nikishina, Intesa Bank Chairman of the Board, Conoscere Eurasia Association President, and Professor Antonio Fallico, and Roscongress Foundation CEO and Chairman of the Board Alexander Stuglev. The press conference was moderated by Eurasian Communication Centre Director Alexey Pilko.

«Eurasian integration is one of the key areas of discussion at the events held by the Foundation. The theme of European cooperation is broadly covered both at the SPIEF and at such major international events as the Eastern Economic Forum and Russian Energy Week. The platform that has been created in Verona allows all European countries and the Eurasian community to convey their point of view and engage in an open dialogue, which in turn serves as a foundation for trust. The development of the Eurasian Economic Forum will facilitate active collaboration between countries and economic growth through mutually beneficial cooperation,» Stuglev said.

«The Eurasian Economic Forum, which we have been holding for many years in partnership with the Roscongress Foundation, is an unbiased event where businessmen and figures from all walks of life who may have different views can get together. However, they are united by their willingness to engage in dialogue and they lead it. The Forum is still a place that brings together companies that account for almost all trade turnover between Italy and Russia. However, Verona has gone a step further and turned into a more large-scale platform for meetings between major businessmen, prominent politicians, diplomats, and respected experts from Eurasian Economic Union and European Union countries or, more broadly, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean,» Fallico said.

Fallico thanked the Roscongress Foundation for its support in organizing the Forum.

«The Eurasian Economic Commission is very impressed by the Forum’s ideology of unifying Eurasia into a single space. Each of the organizers, for their part, is contributing to the achievement of this noble goal and is optimistic about the future. However, it’s sad to see that official contacts between the European Commission and the Eurasian Economic Commission have been completely frozen. This situation is seriously affecting economic cooperation. Our job is to listen to business,» Veronika Nikishina said.

The 12th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona is being organized by the Italian non-profit organization Conoscere Eurasia Association, the Roscongress Foundation, and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.