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Role of Far East National Development Programme Discussed at EEF Regional Session in Ulan-Ude

31 May 2019
Роль национальной программы развития Дальнего Востока  обсудили на выездной сессии ВЭФ в Улан-Удэ

A regional session of the Eastern Economic Forum dedicated to the integration of the Republic of Buryatia into the economic space of the Far East was held in Ulan-Ude on 30 May. The event was held as part of the regional stage of the Community forum, with the main topic of the forum entitled ‘Saving the people. National projects: the potential of Siberia and the Far East’. The event was attended by representatives of the regional authorities, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, the business community, non-profit organizations, and the Roscongress Foundation.

Participants discussed the implementation of national projects and breakthrough solutions for socio-economic development, issues related to supporting small business in Buryatia, and the implementation of projects for the advanced development territories.

Grigory Smolyak, Head of the Department for Human Capital and Territorial Development of the Ministry for Development of the Far East of Russia, spoke about the new economic policy being implemented in the Far East and its main mechanisms and first results.

«For the last five years, a new economic policy has been in place in the Russian Far East and new development mechanisms have been developed and launched: the advanced development territories, the Free Port of Vladivostok, and the Far Eastern Hectare programme among others. This is only the first step in the development of the Russian Far East. The goal of state policy to accelerate the development of the Far East and, most importantly, to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Far East has not yet been achieved. In the course of implementation, we come up against new challenges that often require completely new, systemic solutions that must also be fast. In the coming years, the National Development Programme for the Far East is called upon to respond to these challenges and form a sustainable basis for the development of the greater region in the long term up to 2035», Smolyak said.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia for Economic Development Alexei Mishenin noted that the region has seen an increase in private investment for the second year in a row.

«We understand that it is possible to achieve and maintain the rates of economic growth that the President outlined in his decree only by significantly increasing private investment. In this regard, work to stimulate investment activity in the republic has been strengthened. To achieve the strategic objectives that have been established and accelerate the development of the economy, more than 20 investment projects have been selected, the launch of which will create new jobs and increase budget revenue», Mishenin emphasized.

In addition, an exhibition on ‘Successful examples of development of the local economy in the Far East’ was organized along with an exhibition of socially significant projects implemented in the Far Eastern Federal District through the support of regional business and grant programs. Section and round table participants discussed issues related to human capital, culture, national health, territorial development, and public oversight.

Discussion of the National Development Programme for the Far East will continue at the Eastern Economic Forum, which is slated for 4–6 September in Vladivostok.