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Representatives of leading FinTech companies to appear at FINOPOLIS 2019 Open stage

7 October 2019
На Открытой сцене FINOPOLIS 2019 выступят представители ведущих финтех-компаний

The venue for the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies FINOPOLIS 2019 will include an Open stage where representatives of leading banks, FinTech companies and the expert and scientific communities will give lectures and presentations on current issues related to financial technologies.

Industry representatives will discuss big data analytics, global trends in machine learning in 2019, and the use of digital financial instruments like cash pooling, electronic letters of credit, and tokenized debt obligations on the blockchain.

Forum participants will be able to learn about the experience economy, discovering why leaders in customer experience management earn three times more than their competitors and how to turn experience into a product that can be monetized. Representatives of banks will share their experience in adopting cloud technologies, developing accounting solutions for small business, and building a proprietary CRM system from scratch.

The Open stage will also play host to a pitch session for startups from the Skolkovo Foundation. Heads from five resident companies will discuss the principles of building a banking ecosystem, and the digital transformation of banks and risk management, as well as analyzing the condition of the Russian FinTech market and looking at the potential for exporting technologies to foreign markets.

The Open stage will also provide a platform for reports on personalizing the customer experience in digital channels, the future of card payments, a financial services platform for robot-assisted investment management, and quantum computing.