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American director Martha De Laurentiis to Discuss Economic Potential of Film Industry at EEF 2019

2 September 2019
Американский режиссер Марта Де Лаурентис расскажет об экономическом потенциале киноиндустрии на ВЭФ-2019

On 4 September, as part of the business programme of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum, a session will take place on Cultural People: Projects to Enhance the Intellectual and Cultural Level of Education. Topics for discussion at the event will include access to culture, the importance of a cultural education, and increasing interest in Russias cultural assets at the national and international level.

American film producer and director Martha De Laurentiis will take part in the discussion. She has made over 40 films together with her late husband, the legendary film producer Dino De Laurentiis, including major features such as King Kong Lives (1986), Hannibal (2001), Hannibal Rising (2007) and Red Dragon (2002). One of Martha De Laurentiis more recent productions was the critically acclaimed television series Hannibal, which aired on American network NBC. De Laurentiis has also headed three international film studios: Screen Gems, Warner Brothers / Village Roadshow, and CLA-De Laurentiis Studios. The session will see the producer share her experience in the world of cinema and evaluate the film industrys potential for development in the Asia-Pacific region and Russias Far East.

The Far East has been attracting more and more attention from filmmakers in recent years, with Asian directors such as Sammo Hung and Kiyoshi Kurosawa using Vladivostok as a filming location. Furthermore, the Pacific Meridian international film festival of Asia-Pacific countries has been held annually in Vladivostok since 2003.

The 5th Eastern Economic Forum will take place on 46 September in Vladivostok.