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The 4th Eastern Economic Forum Business Programme released

7 August 2018
Опубликована деловая программа IV Восточного экономического форума

The business programme of the Eastern Economic Forum with brief descriptions and the main themes of the sessions has been published on the Forum’s official website.

To date, the programme contains more than 50 business events, including panel sessions, business dialogues and round tables. Traditionally, a plenary session with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will become the main event of the Forum. The topic of this year’s meeting is ‘The Far East: Expanding The Range of Possibilities’.

«The central theme of EEF 2018 reflects our expectations of the forthcoming event. Previous forums have been extremely effective in terms of contracts signed and agreements reached. I am confident that following the results of EEF 2018 we will be able to reach a new, deeper level of ties with foreign investors, business representatives and government authorities, especially since the geography of the Forum participants is expanding each year,» noted Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the Eastern Economic Forum Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov.

The EEF 2018 business programme consists of four major blocks.

The first block ‘Tool to Support Investors: Next Steps’ will be dedicated to the outcomes and prospects of such mechanisms of the regional development as the advanced special economic zones and the Free Port of Vladivostok. Discussions are expected to cover the issues of investor rights protection, infrastructure support of business, the setting up of a special administrative region (offshore) on Russky Island, as well as the Far Eastern Federal District regions’ breakthrough in the National Regional Investment Climate Ranking.

The participants of the ‘Industry Priorities in The Far East’ block will discuss the issues of the development of industries, which are to become the base for the upcoming economic growth of the region. Namely, the intention is to talk about such industries as forestry, agriculture, fisheries, oil and gas processing, tourism and port infrastructure, mining and solid commercial minerals processing, jewellery and about the improvement of geological exploration legislation.

The ‘Global Far East: International Projects for Cooperation’ block includes business events on such issues as economic cooperation of the Russian Far East with neighbouring countries, the role of the Far East transport corridors for the Asia-Pacific region, the project of the International Medical Cluster in Vladivostok, integration and energy cooperation in the APR, development of the resources of the World Ocean, etc. This block will also include the TV debates and a session of the Valdai Club on ‘New Geopolitics and Political Economy of Asia: Opportunities for Russia’.

Discussion topics of the ‘Improving Living Conditions’ block are the implementation of national projects in population policy, healthcare, culture, education and science, housing and the urban environment in the Far East. The participants of the discussions will also touch upon the prospects for improving the labour market in the Far East, advancement of measures aimed at the land development as a part of the Far Eastern Hectare programme, financing social services and supporting talents, increasing life expectance, and the role of cultural institutions in the development of regions.

Also EEF 2018 will host seven business dialogues with countries of the Asia-Pacific Region and Europe: Russia—China, Russia—India, Russia—Republic of Korea, Russia—Japan, Russia—ASEAN, Russia—Middle East and Russia—Europe.

For more details on EEF 2018 business programme go to the Forum’s official website: